Farrell: Umps allowed game to get out of control

Farrell: Umps allowed game to get out of control
May 31, 2014, 12:00 am
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By the time the first inning concluded, David Price had hit David Ortiz with a pitch, both teams had been warned, and John Farrell had been ejected. 

By the time the game ended, three Red Sox had been hit by pitches and the team was on its fourth manager, having lost three to ejections. 

The Rays? No ejections. No hit batters (though Brandon Workman sent a pitch behind Evan Longoria and got tossed).

After the game, Farrell didn't hide his anger.

"When we have four people ejected and also have three people hit by pitches, and they have none, that’s a hard one to figure out."

Farrell says the incident that started it all - Price hitting Ortiz - was no accident.

"[Price] comes in with two hit batters and eight walks on the year," says Farrell. "He’s got the lowest walk rate in the league, and when he throws a ball and hits David Ortiz in the back, there’s intent to that. They can dispute that all they want. There is intent to that pitch."

Later, after the warning had been issued, Price hit Mike Carp with a pitch high and tight. The benches cleared, but the umpires chose not to eject Price. 

"And then when Mike Carp got hit with a ball up around his neck, and they didn’t make a move then, the umpires allowed this game to escalate further."

The Sox and Rays will square off Saturday night in what is sure to be another heated showdown.