Farrell: Replay 'makes you scratch your head'

Farrell: Replay 'makes you scratch your head'
April 12, 2014, 6:45 pm
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The Sox lodged a replay challenge in the eighth inning, and against all evidence, didn't have the call overturned.

With Yangervis Solarte on first, Dean Anna laced a double into the right field corner. Daniel Nava made a strong throw to second as Anna managed to slide in safely, but his momentum carried him off the bag and as he lifted his leg a few inches off the bag, was tagged by Xander Bogaerts.

Except the MLB war room didn't see it that way. Or more to the point, they never saw the angle that showed Anna being tagged out. The call was upheld, much to the Red Sox' displeasure.

"We had probably five angles that confirmed his foot was off the base,'' said John Farrell, "and when the safe call came back, it certainly raises questions on whether they're getting the same feed we are, the consistency of the system.

"It makes you scratch your head a little bit on why he was called safe. You can't question the call once it's reviewed, so there was follow-up (from