Farrell introducing management style to Red Sox


Farrell introducing management style to Red Sox

FORT MYERS, Fla. The Red Sox are scheduled to have their first full-squad workout on Friday. Players are expected on the fields for stretching at the regular time of 9:30 a.m. Before that, though, new manager John Farrell will address the team, giving his expectations for this spring and the season.

Just setting out my expectations, our expectations as a staff, Farrell said. Obviously some basic rules that will be discussed and expectations of spring training. I think the more that they can understand what were looking for, it takes away some of that initial wondering. And as I mentioned many times over I think we as a team need to recognize that we have one heckuvan opportunity in front of us.

I think when you communicate what you expect, then we can all be held accountable in our own way. Thats not to say or be authoritative or be a dictator. Thats just to say this is what were about and this is what we hope to get accomplished in spring training. Once thats established I think thats the vision that we all are collectively moving towards.

Farrell said his rules are minimal.

Ill be quite frank with you: be on time and be professional, he said. And again being professional encompasses a number of things. Thats how you play the game. Thats how you treat the people around it. Thats how you treat the guy dressing next to you. This game will always be about the players and we have to provide the boundaries in which were going to operate.

Farrell gets his managerial philosophy from different people hes been around in the game, including Terry Francona, who was the Sox manager during Farrells tenure as pitching coach from 2007-10.

I think you take parts of the people or the managers you played for, those youve been around, those you respect, Farrell said. And you see along the way how players respond to that. I go back to the players are first and foremost in this with obvious and very clear direction.

Asked to describe a John Farrell camp, the manager replied:

Therell be a lot more emphasis on the running game. Not just in terms of base stealing, but just the emphasis that we place on it, the mindset that were trying to create. And the fact is with a whole new staff, new third base coach, theres going to be a lot of time needed and repetition needed through what our terminology is, what Butters Brian Butterfield, third base coach signs are. So both in meeting settings, stations on the field, well have ample time to cover all that.

As for the specifics of the first day, it will be somewhat different than in years past, Farrell said, because there is one fewer day this year for pitchers and catchers to work out on their own.

So pitchers and catchers will remain in the same schedule theyve been, he said. But well get into team fundamentals starting on Saturday.