Farrell: 'Hard to have faith' in replay system

Farrell: 'Hard to have faith' in replay system
April 14, 2014, 12:30 am
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NEW YORK -- Upon further review, the Red Sox don't much like the new replay system.

On Saturday, the Red Sox lost what seemed like a sure out when the umpires weren't given the camera angle that showed the Yankees' Dean Anna had his foot off the base while being tagged, despite the fact that the networks broadcasting the game had a clear shot of it (and showed it repeatedly).

Bad as that was, it didn't impact the final score.

That wasn't the case Sunday night when an overturned call at first led directly to the winning run scoring in a frustrating 3-2 loss to the New York Yankees.

In the fourth inning, with one out and runners at the corner, Francisco Cervelli hit a ground ball to third baseman Ryan Roberts. Roberts threw to second to record the force out on Kelly Johnson and second baseman Jonathan Herrera threw to first.

First base umpire Bob Davidson called Cervelli out on a very close play. New York manager Joe Girardi challenged the call and though the replay seemed inconclusive, the call was overturned, allowing Cervelli to reach and Brian McCann to score from third.

John Farrell was ejected by Davidson for arguing the call, and was still livid after the game.

"We felt it was clear that the replay was inconclusive,'' said Farrell. "The frustrating part is, when this was rolled out and explained to us, particularly on the throw received by the first basemen, we were instructed that when the ball enters the glove -- not that it has to hit the back of the glove -- is where the out is deemed complete.

"At the same time, any angle that we looked at, you couldn't tell if [Cervelli's] foot was on the bag behind Mike Napoli's leg. Where this became conclusive is a hard pill to swallow. On the heels of yesterday, it's hard to have any faith in the system, to be honest with you.''

The Sox expected growing pains with the introduction of a new system. But they're having trouble accepting two blown calls in as many days.

"When you're talking about something as substantial as replay being brought into the game,'' said Farrell, "there's going to be a learning curve (and some time needed for) everyone becoming familiar with it. But again, you would think a video replay would be conclusive, or there are plays that aren't conclusive, which is tonight. Unfortunately, we're on the wrong side of it both times.''

McCann's run made the score 3-1 in the fourth. The Sox closed to within a run in the sixth on a mammoth solo homer by Mike Napoili, but got no closer.

"At the time, you don't think that additional run is going to stand up or be the difference,'' Farrell said. "It turns out that it is. Unfortunately, we came up on the wrong side of it.''

Said catcher A.J. Pierzynski: "There's been a lot of problems, I guess, would be the word to use, just weird things that have happened like [Saturday] when they couldn't get the feed (showing Atta's foot off the bag). I don't know how you can't get a feed when you have 47,000 cameras looking at everything, but it's just the way it is.

There's a lot of kinks in the system right now.

"They'll get it figured out, hopefully -- sooner rather than later,'' said Pierzynski.

Other players were more circumspect with their remarks.

"It's hard not to say anything negative about that,'' said Mike Carp, "so I'm not going to even comment before I say something I shouldn't. It's two games in a row dictates the outcome of a ballgame. That should never happen.''