Dupont, Felger, Neumeier: Did Lackey want out of town?

Dupont, Felger, Neumeier: Did Lackey want out of town?
August 6, 2014, 2:00 am
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Before leaving Boston John Lackey would not commit to playing for $500 thousand in 2015. 

Upon his arrival to St. Louis, Lackey quickly agreed to play for the wage.

The Sports Tonight crew wondered why would he play for the money in St. Louis but not for the Red Sox? 

"My theory is Lackey and other members of the Red Sox are a little PO'ed with the ownership over the Jon Lester situation," said Bob Neumeier. "I think that permeates some of the veterans in this clubhouse." 

Kevin Paul Dupont knows that Lackey's decision was all about business.

"All they want is their own money, they don't care," said Dupont. "Here's a guy, chicken and beer, injury, fat and out of shape. He got his career together, finally decides after they gave him all the dough, 'yeah, maybe I'll get myself in shape.' Here's a guy you would think show some loyalty. See ya' later." 

Michael Felger believes that Lackey wanted nothing to do with future of the Red Sox.

"He wanted out," said Felger. "Not because the team mistreated Lester, but because Lester was gone, Peavy was gone. His boys were gone, he didn't want to babysit a bunch of young pitchers. At the end of the day he didn't love Boston, he never did from day one."