Dupont: ‘I think in the end they will pay Lester’

Dupont: ‘I think in the end they will pay Lester’
July 31, 2014, 1:30 am
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Is Lester staying or going?

The Trade Deadline is just about here, and there has been no shortage of Jon Lester rumors.

Kevin Paul Dupont joined Sports Tonight to discuss where Lester will wind up when the dust settles. 

"I think in the end they'll pay Lester," said Dupont. "I know this is the fan-boy theory, but I really don't see that they've got any alternative but to pay him. In the end, they'll match the dollars."

Bob Neumeier believes the team will take their rotation - and payroll - in a different direction. 

"I totally believe the ship has sailed months ago with Jon Lester," said Neumeier. "Think about it, they can afford to pay Hamels and Scherzer next year, and Buchholz and pick a couple of kids and have the same amount of salary as they would this year."