Doubront seems disinterested in loss to Blue Jays

Doubront seems disinterested in loss to Blue Jays
July 28, 2014, 11:45 pm
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BOSTON - Felix Doubront has made it well known that he doesn't want to pitch in the bullpen and he would prefer to pitch elsewhere.

Just in case anyone missed getting the message the first time, Doubront seemed intent on proving it Monday night.

Coming into a game that was already in danger of getting out of hand in the sixth inning, Doubront supplied the gasoline and torch as the night went up in flames.

He faced 10 batters and retired just two, including one on a sacrifice fly. Of the six hits he allowed, three were for extra bases.

Worse, Doubront seemed disinterested, as though he had nothing invested in the appearance.

"It was an ugly night from the mound,'' said John Farrell. "I don't think that he's disinterested. He's capable of more. We've seen that. Three of the last four outings out of the bullpen have been very good; tonight, that was obviously not the case.

"On a night when you're hopeful of stretching him out a little bit, get multiple innings, that wasn't the case.''

Doubront first expressed frustration over his long relief role out of the bullpen a week ago when the team was in the middle of an 8-1 streak and the timing of his remarks didn't set well with teammates or the staff.

More recently, he expressed a desire to be traded somewhere else where he could start.

Farrell was asked whether Doubront's unhappiness contributed to the outcome Monday night.

"I would hope not,'' said Farrell, "because if you're a pitcher, regardless of the role you're in, you're asked to go out and execute pitches. This is still a staff that has got competition within. There are others that have moved ahead of him in the rotation and opportunities present themselves coming out of the bullpen.

"He's been effective in the past coming out of the bullpen, but if the role is not sitting well and affecting his pitching, then there needs to be a different focus to realizing his potential and his capabilities.''

Added pitching coach Juan Nieves: "No matter what role you're in, you're accountable to pick up your team -- as a starter, as a reliever, whenever that phone rings you're accountable...It has nothing to do with where you pitch or when you pitch. If you're healthy, your teammates need you in those situations and we all are accountable for every pitch you make.''

Doubront, for his part, declined to answer questions from reporters.