Does HOF need to change voting process?

Does HOF need to change voting process?
January 8, 2014, 11:45 pm
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"The whole thing is a joke," Tanguay says of the Hall of Fame vote. Felger and Shaughnessy chime in.

Gary Tanguay, Michael Felger and Dan Shaughnessy rarely agree on anything, but there's one thing they all know: There's something wrong with the way individuals are voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"The whole thing is a joke," Tanguay said.

Shaughnessy, the Boston Globe columnist and longtime Hall voter, knows there's plenty to criticize about the process. He's open to suggestions.

"15 years is way too long [to be on the ballot], ludicrous," Felger said, adding that 75 percent to get elected is probably too little. He thinks maybe it should be upped to 80 percent.

"There's no question the model is broken," Shaughnessy said.

When Shaughnessy cited statisitcs of players that didn't get in, Felger shot back, "What do the numbers mean?"

So, what's the criteria, especially when evaluating players from the Steroid Era?

"This is a minefield where no matter what you do look like a jackass," Shaughnessy said.

Your thoughts?