Craig isn't using injury as excuse for struggles

Craig isn't using injury as excuse for struggles
September 4, 2014, 6:45 pm
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NEW YORK - Allen Craig was in right field Thursday night, the final game of a road trip that had seen him go 1-for-22 and carry a hitless streak of 13 at-bats into the series finale.

Craig suffered a foot injury in August of last season, then reinjured the same foot in his first game with the Sox on Aug. 1.

But Farrell dismissed any suggestion that Craig's struggles have been related to any physical concerns.

"Allen doesn't use the previous injury as an excuse,'' Farrell said. "We're working through some things fundamentally to try to get him on track. This isn't a matter of us focusing on something physical where it's going to need a repair (with surgery).''

Craig had an especially rough night Wednesday when he struck out four times, with the final two strikeouts featuring Craig swinging wildly at breaking balls way out of the strike zone.

"With his set-up, he's getting pitched in quite a bit,'' said Farrell, "and it's caused him to commit to some pitches early. When some breaking balls have shown up, that's when some that early commitment has resulted in some check swings or expanding down and off the plate. So we're just trying to get him back to some consistent at-bats and (better) timing.''