Confident in Middlebrooks & Bogaerts?

Confident in Middlebrooks & Bogaerts?
March 21, 2014, 12:15 am
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Merloni & Kusnierek on whether the Sox should be confident their young third baseman & shortstop.

There's a third baseman who hasn't played a full major league season and a rookie shortstop starting for the Red Sox. Concerned?

I'm a little leery," Trenni Kusnierek told Lou Merloni on Arbella Early Edition. "Not because I don't think [third baseman] Will Middlebrooks can't be a good player and Xander Bogaerts [at shortstop] isn't going to be great, but what happens if one of them is not?"

That, Merloni said, is his biggest concern about the 2014 Red Sox.

"That's my biggest fear," Merloni said, adding, "I think there's going to be a huge drop-off defensively. Offensively, there's more potential... but defensively, it could be a concern.".

Kusnierek said it could take a while for the two young Sox to come into their own both with the glove and at the plate.

"I agree with he notion that sometimes it's best to have a guy out there who can save runs. I'm not sure how many runs you're saving and I wonder how many runs you'll end up giving up?" she said. "I'm not sure those two bats can make up for it. At least maybe not right away."

Said Merloni: "If you're Miguel Cabrera, you can go out to third base and watch balls fly by you left and right. Nobody cares. If Will's swinging the bat...hitting .280 to .285, 25 homers, you'll take slightly below-average defense. Same with Bogaerts."