Concussion may sideline Pedroia for remainder of trip

Concussion may sideline Pedroia for remainder of trip
September 1, 2014, 12:45 pm
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Dustin Pedroia, sidelined because of a concussion incurred here Friday night, sat out his second straight game Monday and probably won't be back on the field until the Red Sox return home from their current road trip.

Pedroia hasn't been -- and won't be -- placed on the disabled list, because, with the rosters expanded to 40 in September, it's not necessary. But it's safe to assume had his mishap at second base taken place at any other point in the season, he would be placed on the DL.

He was injured Friday night when Tampa Bay infielder Logan Forsythe slid into second and his forearm/elbow smacked Pedroia on the left side of the head.

"I'm feeling better. I feel normal," said Pedroia after Monday's game. "I have to take all these tests and I've got to pass them, which is kind of tough. I didn't really pass many tests in my schooling life."

As it is, the Sox are going to follow through with all the necessary concussion protocol. Pedroia will need to be examined by doctors, pass cognitive and exertion tests, and go through all the steps a player placed on the seven-day DL would.

"He's a little bit better,'' John Farrell reported Monday, "and yet, he still has some of the symptoms. This is clearly a day-to-day thing. We're probably at least another day away from any kind of exertion tests or any kind of ramping up of the heart rate to see if there's still some residual [issues].

"But he's still sore where the impact took place on the side of the head. As we mentioned the other day, we'll be cautious with this.''

After Monday's game, the second baseman discussed the symptoms he is still feeling.

"Today I didn't have any headaches. That was good. It's getting better," he said. "I didn't fall asleep (Saturday night) until, like, 4 am but they say that's (not unusual). But I'm feeling normal. Sometimes I just feel a little different but I guess that's supposed to happen."

Asked if it's expected that Pedroia will miss a minimum of seven days -- as he would if placed on the DL -- Farrell said: "That's hard to say. I think if he returns during the Yankee series (Tuesday-Thursday), that's optimistic. Not ruling it out; Dustin may have a different view of that right now. But we still have to go through all of the required steps, DL or not. And that's documentation, that's testing, that's examination by medical people, doctors included. So we're in the midst of that.''

"I hope," Pedroia said in regards to playing against the Yankees. "Whenever I can throw (the tests) and I don't have any symptoms, I'll be out there as fast as I can."

With Pedroia unavailable for the time being, the Sox will mostly use Brock Holt at the position, though newcomer Jemile Weeks is another potential option.

Farrell said the Sox wouldn't use Mookie Betts as a replacement. Betts began the season at second, the position he played most of his minor-league career, before being shifted to the outfield in Portland and Pawtucket. He's since played the outfield exclusively in his three stints in Boston.

"It's been quite a while since Mookie's had any reps at second,'' said Farrell. "He's had a lot on his plate this year with defensive positioning and changes to it and we don't want to take that back and forth.''