Buckley & Shaughnessy: Fixing MLB's replay issue

Buckley & Shaughnessy: Fixing MLB's replay issue
April 15, 2014, 12:15 am
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Major League Baseball's replay system had a pretty bad weekend.

While discussing replay with the Sports Tonight crew, Dan Shaughnessy brings up a conversation he had with John Farrell about how to fix the system. The Red Sox manager didn't have any answers.

"What would you suggest to tweak this? And (Farrell) scoffed. He doesn't know where to start." said Shaughnessy, "It was a bad day for replay. It was a Nationally televised game, it's getting a lot of attention. They're going to have to tweak and do some stuff with this."

Steve Buckley pointed out that replay was supposed to remove arguments from the game, but it has yet to do that.

"Can you imagine that the entire idea behind instant replay was so we wouldn't be squawking about calls?" added Buckley, "And that's all we're doing now two weeks into the season."

"We're supposed to be extracting the human failure, the human element, and now it's there even more than it ever was." agreed Shaughnessy

What do you suggest Major League Baseball does to fix the replay system?