Best New England dynasty in last 15 years

Best New England dynasty in last 15 years
April 9, 2014, 10:00 am
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There aren't too many cities around America that can choose the best dynasty around.

But sure enough, here in New England we can.

We've got the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots to choose between - but don't tell the guys on Sports Tonight that the UConn Huskies are on that list.

"I'm going to make an executive decision right now and take UConn out of this," Mike Felger said. "Does anybody in New England, like anyone in real New England say, 'Oh UConn, hey there's another championship for New England.' Screw Connecticut!"

Steve Buckely could not agree more, adding, "UConn sucks. I hate the way the sports writers kowtow to them, and their fans are obnoxious." He take the Pats because they won three in four years and haven't had any bad years, while Sox did have some rough ones.

Rob "Hardy" Poole is also taking the Patriots - but he gives the Sox their due.

"Actual dynasty it's the Patriots," Hardy said. "The three Super Bowl wins, the two losses, the AFC Championship appearances. However, when it comes to telling the story 20 years from now when you're living in a different city, the Red Sox have better stories."

Felger says it's the Sox.

"The Red Sox dynasty is much more impressive as far as I'm concerned," Felger said. "They did it with different players. Some remain, but it was mostly different players from one to three. You look at that New England dynasty, it's Brady, it's Belichick, it's Bruschi, it's McGinest, it's Vrabel. They had a much more of a core for those championships. Since they turned the roster over, they haven't won it. The Red Sox turned that roster over and won with different players, a different manager, it's much more impressive as far as I'm concerned."

The show continues with a game called Over/Under.

How many years will it take before a player eclipses Barry Bonds' home run record? It took Bonds 30 years to break Hank Aaron's record, so the over/under number is set at 30 years. Both Buckley and Hardy are taking the over - pitching is just too good these days.

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