Bertrand: Chances Hamels pitches for Sox in 2015

Bertrand: Chances Hamels pitches for Sox in 2015
August 12, 2014, 7:30 am
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On Sports Tonight, Marc Bertrand, Lou Merloni and Bob Neumeier play a game of 'Playing the Percentages' to guess the likelihood of certain events for the Red Sox.

Chances Jackie Bradley Jr. gets a hit on the rest of the road trip

"Somewhere in the five to seven percent range," said Bertrand. "He is struggling, big time right now. This 0-35 stretch that he's had has feature 18 strikeouts, which tells you he's in a bad, bad place right now at the plate."

Chances Tom Werner is named commissioner of MLB

"I'm going to put that one at about 20 percent," said Bertrand. "I'm going to give him a fighting chance in this thing. Because I think Tom Werner is going to end up being pretty influential in trying to convince some other owners, the big market owners across baseball, at the very least to block Rob Manfred when they go to vote this Thursday."

Chances Cole Hamels pitches for the Red Sox in 2015

"One hundred percent," said Neumeier. "The Philadelphia Phillies are just assessing the Red Sox prospects for the rest of the year. I think they already have a deal, it's just a matter of the prospects they get."

Merloni believes a deal will get done, but isn't quite as confident as Neumeier.

"I'm going forty percent," said Merloni. "Both sides want to get it done, but Ruben Amaro, tough man to deal with. He's a little crazy. He's going to ask for way too much."