Benz: Time for the Sox to move on from Buchholz?

Benz: Time for the Sox to move on from Buchholz?
August 5, 2014, 6:30 am
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In his last start, Clay Buchholz didn't exactly show the Red Sox organization that he is ready to take over as the ace of the starting rotation.

On Sports Tonight, Michael Felger, Bob Neumeier and WEEI's Tim Benz wonder if it's time to move on from Buchholz.

"I don't think he's fixable," said Benz. "I don't think the guy is going to get to the ace level they want him to be. Or the number two or number three. Heck, at this point they need him to be a number four. They're praying for him to be a number four or even five next year. I don't think he can get there."

Bob Neumeier pointed out that Joe Kelly is the only member of the current rotation that has a spot in the 2015 rotation.

If not Buchholz, who should be the ace of the staff?

"I don't think the ace is somebody that we're out there talking about yet. I think that's a trade to come later, a trade to come in the offseason. I wonder if Clay Buchholz could be part of the package going the other way."