NBA free agency

Dwight in their sights?


Mannix says, "Absolutely"

Chris Mannix and A. Sherrod Blakely sit down with Kyle Draper to give their thoughts on the idea of the Celtics signing Dwight Howard.


Welsh says, "No. No. No."

Tim Welsh joins Town Fair Tire Sports Tonight to provide insight on what kind of player the Celtics are really looking at in Dwight Howard.

Steer clear of Horford

There's no point in bringing in Grade B stars like Al Horford unless you're ready to win now. And the Celtics aren't.

1986 Celtics

Celtics podcast Kevin Durant Anthony Slater

Is 2017 the Celtics best shot at Durant?

Anthony Slater from "The Oklahoman" talks with A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper about Kevin Durant watch.