Would you trade Big Three era for Durant?

Would you trade Big Three era for Durant?
January 24, 2014, 11:00 pm
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How great was that 2008 Celtics championship?

The confetti, KG's 'anything is possible', the parade, the banner.

The Big Three made it possible.

But what's behind door number two?

Or rather, pick number two?

That would be Kevin Durant.

Time to decide, contestant. It's draft night.

Do you take the fifth pick? The trade? The Big Three. 2008? Duckboats?

"The reason the Celtics won that title in 2008, and the reason I wouldn't give it up, is because Kevin Garnett came in and he changed the culture of the team," said Gary Tanguay.

Garnett created a defense-first culture that got even the offensively-minded Ray Allen to step into a passing lane or two.

"I thought Ray was going to break out in a rash [from playing defense]," said Tanguay. 

Not surprisingly, Kirk Minihane doesn't agree with Tanguay and says Durant is the "obvious" choice. 

"You get Rondo, Perkins, Jefferson and you either have Pierce or what you traded Pierce for," says Minihane. "That's a team that would be, at worst, 50-55 wins for a decade.

"You win the championship. Durant is going to go down as one of the 10-to-12 best players ever. He might score more points than anybody in history, including Kareem. No question. Yes. Yes. We're done."

Which door would you pick?