Will Rondo trade rumors stop now he's captain?

Will Rondo trade rumors stop now he's captain?
January 18, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Rajon Rondo is back. He's the captain.

Cedric Maxwell joined Lou Merloni on Sports Tonight to give his approval of the Celtics' newest captain. 

"I was fine with that." said Maxwell, "I thought that they would, because you're asking him to be the leader of your team.  He's been emotionally, right now, the leader of your club." 

What makes Rondo a good leader?

"A lot of guys come to him off the court.  On the court they ask him a lot of questions." explained Maxwell,  "So, to put him as the leader of your club with him having the most experience, the championship pedigree, I didn't see anything wrong with it on my side."  

Now that Rondo has been named captain, does that mean Rondo won't be traded?

"I think the biggest thing about that, if you are going to trade Rondo you make sure he is healthy because you want to get maximum value for him.

"So you play a guy to make sure he is healthy and also to make sure where you're going to be lined up next year, if you're going to keep him and start to build around him."