Will Pierce retire a member of the Celtics?

Will Pierce retire a member of the Celtics?
March 22, 2014, 2:30 am
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Mike Gorman & Tommy Heinsohn open up the TD Bank Mailbag to explore Paul Pierce's future. 

On Friday night, Paul Pierce and the Celtics added another chapter to their long history with Pierce playing the role of victor. 

Pierce and the city of Boston have a deep connection, and with the Truth an unrestricted free agent after the season, could a reunion be in order? 

"Paul Pierce’s jersey, I’m sure, will be retired at the Boston Garden," says Heinsohn. "I would not be surprised, once he thinks about retiring, that the Celtics don’t sign him and then retire him."

But that day could be a long way off. Pierce doesn't seem content to slow down anytime soon.  

"As long as he feels he can be part of a team that is going to go out and compete, I think he’ll keep playing," says Heinsohn. "He’s of the mindset that, if he could, he’d play until he’s 90. That’s how much he loves to play basketball."

There may not be much call for a 90-year-old forward, but it only seems right that Pierce's jersey should one day hang in the rafters alongside the Boston greats.