Wilcox taking a weight-and-see approach to return


Wilcox taking a weight-and-see approach to return

BOSTON The goal of most players entering a new season is to either slim down or maintain their weight. For Chris Wilcox, though, being called skinny is not a considered a compliment.

The 6-foot-10 big man clocked in at around 250 pounds last year. After undergoing season-ending heart surgery in March, his weight dropped to 227 pounds.

When I found out about it, maybe a week or two before my surgery it was hard for me to eat because my mind just stayed thinking about it, he told CSNNE.com. Then once I had the surgery and came home, I wason so many medications, I couldn't even eat anything so I had to just start trying to get an appetite again. It was kind of tough for me.

Seven months later Wilcox is up to 240 pounds, seven away from his goal of 247. A back injury has prevented him from continuing the training routine he hoped would increase muscle mass.

I was lifting 315 (pounds) last season, he said. I have to do light weight, heavy reps. Right now I do like135 (pounds), reps of 25, just to keep toned, but it's hard because I can't really go all the way down. 155 (pounds) is the max that I would even try.

One area Wilcox is not limited is in his diet. In fact, he is encouraged to eat. Still, the 30 year old is careful about maintaining a healthy intake. Instead of opting for fast food options to pack on some weight, he has chosen foods to do it in a healthy way. One of his biggest assets to the Celtics is his ability to run with Rajon Rondo and he doesn't want to feel slowed down once he returns to the court.

"I can eat whatever," Wilcox said. "I eat everything. I try to eat at least three meals a day. I've got to just try to keep eating and eating. Then I work out, take shakes, try to keep the weight on. I pile on the carbs but I want it to be healthy weight, I don't want it to be stomach weight."

Wilcox is being patient with his comeback. He wants to increase his strength and conditioning before playing again.

Last season Wilcox averaged 5.4 points and 4.4 rebounds in 28 games for the Celtics.

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