Wiggins vs Maxwell: Great debate on what C's should do

Wiggins vs Maxwell: Great debate on what C's should do
May 23, 2014, 6:30 am
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Ding. Ding.

Former Patriot Jermaine Wiggins says the Celtics should try to make a play for Pacers center Roy Hibbert. Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell doesn't like the idea.

A verbal battle ensues...

"You're 7'2", and you get no rebounds in a game and no points in a game." said Maxwell, "You're telling me this is the guy you want to get?"

Wiggins believes the center's play has to do with locker-room issues.

"You have two players who don't see eye to eye. Sometimes it's better for one of those players to get a change of scenery." argued Wiggins, "That's the reason why he's playing the way he's playing."

"When you have issues with your teammates," continued Wiggins, "sometimes, mentally you don't want to be part of that team. That's the problem with Hibbert right now."

Maxwell doesn't see this as a reason for the Celtics to go after the Pacers ' big man.

"If you get a guy that fragile," said Maxwell, "and he has problems in one locker-room. That's not the kind of guy you want to go out and get for your team."