Who's good at No. 6 and who isn't

Who's good at No. 6 and who isn't
May 24, 2014, 12:30 am
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SportsNet Central's Kyle Draper and Dalen Cuff are making the sixth pick in the draft for the Celtics. Assuming top choices such as Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Dante Exum are gone, who would they go with?

Draper: "Julius Randle out of Kentucky. He's the most NBA-ready outside of Jabari Parker. A double-double machine. One NBA source told me [Kentucky coach] John Calipari did not use him to the best of his ability."

Cuff: "I would go would Randle, too. His game might not be NBA-ready, but his body is most NBA-ready...He's pretty athletic. He's left-hand dominant. Needs to work on that right hand a little bit. But you're looking at 16-17 points a game, maybe eight or nine rebounds."

And who should the Celtics stay away from, in their opinion?

Draper: "Noah Vonleh [of Indiana and Haverhill, Mass]. He's just not ready just yet. Awkward offensively. Plays sometimes smaller than his size."

Cuff: This is a tough one to make quick, but I'd go with Wiggins...Everybody talks about him being the next LeBron James. What he is a great, great ahtlete who doesn't really know how to play basketball yet. He's not going to trancend the game. He'll hit the All-Star team a couple of times, at best."