Which GM do you trust on draft day?

Which GM do you trust on draft day?
June 26, 2014, 7:30 am
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With the NBA Draft on Thursday night, the Celtics future is in the hands of Danny Ainge.

The Sports Tonight crew discussed which of the Boston general managers they trust the most on draft night.

Although Danny Ainge hasn't been perfect, the Felger and company trusts the Celtics GM.

"If you ask me who I trust the most on draft night, it probably is Danny [Ainge]," said Felger. "Is that warranted? Why do I overvalue him?… I feel like Danny's been a good drafter."

Everyone also agreed that Bill Belichick has a good track record.

"I don't think Bill Belichick has had a single swing and miss in the first round," said Felger. "Like a Zach Hamill, like some of the guys Danny Ainge has drafted. So his track record there, the downside has been virtually nil in the first round." 

Bob Ryan does believe Belichick has one weakness.

"Everyone has a blind spot," said Ryan. "Theo couldn't find a shortstop, [Belichick] can't find a wide receiver. Maybe Thompkins is going to emerge, I don't know."