Which Celtics should stay, and which should go?

Which Celtics should stay, and which should go?
March 30, 2014, 1:45 am
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As the Celtics count down the days to the NBA Draft, Kyle Draper, Rich Levine and A. Sherrod Blakely sit down to make some roster decisions. Which current Celtics should come back next year, and which ones should be thinking about a change of scenery?

Avery Bradley 

"I love the fact that his game continues to get better and better with time," says Blakely. "The only real concern I have with him is health. The guy has not been able to stay healthy consistently throughout his career. But if we’re talking about sheer talent and ability to impact the game in a positive way, he’s a keeper."

Levine points out that Bradley's health concerns will probably hurt his market. Teams won't exactly be breaking down the door to offer big-deal money to a guy who can't stay on the court. That's bad news for Bradley, but it means the Celtics may be able to bring him back at a reasonable price. 

Kris Humphries 

Levine says the Celtics should bring the big man back, "if he is willing to come back for an ‘OK’ price."

"I don’t think anyone’s looking to break the bank for Kris Humphries around the NBA," says Levine. 

Blakely predicts that Humphries will be asking for a multi-year deal that pays him $6 million per year. 

Brandon Bass

The Celtics can't do anything with Humphries, however, unless they do something about Brandon Bass.  

"[The Celtics have] got one too many bigs," says Blakely. "It’s either Humphries or Bass [who] has to go.."

Bass is the type of player who could plug right into the lineup for any postseason contender. The Celtics might find that they have a long list of suitors for Bass' services. 

"I think there’s a good chance the Celtics will be able to move him for something this summer," says Levine. 

Jerryd Bayless

Bayless has only been with the Celtics for a few months, but he's turned at least one critic into a fan. 

"I was on the fence [about keeping Bayless] - and then I thought no - [but] the more I watch this dude play, I think he should come back," says Blakely. "I think you’re going to be able to get him at a reasonable price [and] he wants to be in Boston."

Bayless' skill set evokes memories of Eddie House and Nate Robinson - the kind of players who could come off the bench and score twenty points on a given night. The kind of players who can turn a playoff series. 

Jeff Green

Unanimous decision from the panel, and they're not exactly green with envy. 


"They should try as hard as they possibly can to trade him," says Levine, who believes the Celtics just need to find one GM who believes he can tap the deep well that is Green's potential.  


"If you can move him, great," says Blakely. "I don’t think you can."

Green has maddening potential - he can score 30-40 points on one night and then score three or four the next. If the Celtics can find value on the market, they might be best served to cut bait.