What in sports would you shut down?

What in sports would you shut down?
October 1, 2013, 11:45 pm
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With the government shutting down on Tuesday, that got us thinking at CSNNE . . . what if WE could shut down something in sports?

That was a topic on Sports Tonight, where the guys took turns unleashing on the things they wish they could rid the sports world of.

First up - Gary Tanguay, who has no love for bad NBA officials and wants them out.

"Basketball is a wonderful game that has absolutely been crucified by these officials," Tanguay said. "They think they're the story. They blow the whistle way too many times in the fourth quarter. Instead of letting them play, they blow the whistle all the time and it kills the momentum. Joey Crawford should go. Shut it down."

Steve Buckley want the entire New York Jets team gone. He goes off on a personal experience he had involving the Jets that made him call the whole thing an "embarrassment".

"Every two or three years they get good and then they get laughably bad again. They've been strutting. They have no reason to strut, they've been strutting on this Joe Namath thing like 50 years ago about guaranteeing to win the Super BOwl against the Baltimore Colts. They have done nothing in their history except for that one game."

Steve DeOssie wants the NCAA bowl system completely gone once and for all.

"This has been going on for so long," DeOssie said. "There's 32 bowls, 64 teams get invited. The NCAA is so antiquated right now they seem to just get in the way of good football. Give me a great 16-team, maybe even 20-team play-in one week, who knows."

What Mike Felger wants to shut down can be agreed upon by everybody: flopping.

"I am a borderline soccer fan," he said. "I love the sport, I want to watch the sport, but every time I watch the sport and I see one of these weenies go down like this and spend ten minutes on the ground, I have to turn it off. And it turns me away from a sport that I should love - hockey. It's crept into the game of hockey, and you know what hockey should be above this."

What would you shut down in sports if you could? Let us know in the comments section.