What if? C's potential Big 3 vs Miami Big 3: Who wins?

What if? C's potential Big 3 vs Miami Big 3: Who wins?
June 7, 2014, 1:45 pm
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OK, let's just say it happens. No matter what your opinion of the Celtics potential acquisition of Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony to form a new Big 3 with Rajon Rondo, if it came to be, how would it stack up against the LeBron James-Dywane Wade-Chris Bosh triumverate in Miami?

That's the question the CelticsTalk TV crew of CSNNE.com C's Insider A. Sherrod Blakely, SportsNet Central's Kyle Draper and CSNNE.com's Jimmy Toscano take on as they play the "What if...?" game. Opening Night next season: Celtics new Big 3 vs. Heat's old Big 3. Who wins?

Toscano: "The Heat. Maybe they're the defending champions, maybe not, but they've won titles and know how to win titles...That's if everyone comes back and if LeBron comes back then probably everyone comes back. The Celtics would have just had preseason games. They have't played a freakin' game yet."

Blakely: "I think the Celtics would win that game. At the beginning of the season, when you've been through the battles the Heat's been through, that first game doesn't really mean a whole lot. You know Rondo's going to come in fired up. Kevin Love's gonna look to prove something. Carmelo wants to win. He hasn't won anything since he left Syracuse, really."

Draper: "It all depends on the health of Dywane Wade. If he's healthy and 100 percent ,I give the edge the Heat. Here's why: LeBron can deal with Carmelo. Carmelo can't deal with LeBron. Kevin Love and Chis Bosh? I think Love is not a power player. I think those kind of players give Bosh trouble. But they'll cancel each other out. But who is the Celtics supporting cast?"