West has wrist brace removed


West has wrist brace removed

By JessicaCamerato

BOSTON -- Delonte West is one step closer to getting back on the court.

On Monday, he was cleared to work out without a brace on his broken right wrist. While he admits he's still a little timid to catch the ball, he has been able to shoot and dribble without the extra protection.

Im cleared to do as much as my wrist permits, he said prior to the Celtics-Pistons game on Wednesday.

West goes brace-free for most of the day and sleeps with it on to prevent his wrist from moving in an awkward position.

He will undergo a CT scan next Tuesday for further evaluation.

As for his return to the game, he would like to get in a few practices first, which he expects he will be able to do in the next two or three weeks.

Once he is medically cleared to go, he is leaving it up to the Celtics coaching staff. He hasnt played since late November and doesnt want to force his way back into the rotation.

Im scheduled for a CT Scan, but that what the doctor says still isnt on Doc Rivers schedule, he laughed. We have a good team here, guys are playing well, and just because Im cleared to play doesnt mean I will play.

For now, West will take his comeback one day at a time. Fortunately for him, each day has been looking up.

Said West, Im happy about the progress and each day is better than the last one.

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Wojnarowski thinks Celtics are perfect candidate for Jimmy Butler trade

Wojnarowski thinks Celtics are perfect candidate for Jimmy Butler trade

Most NBA teams would benefit from adding Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler. But few NBA have the assets to acquire him. The most legitimate suitor in the NBA resides in Boston.

"The potential of a Boston-Chicago deal for Jimmy Butler -- I think it will loom over the entire week," Yahoo! NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said Saturday. "These teams have engaged on the potential of this trade. They have not gotten far down the road on it. There still needs to be alignment within the Bulls organization -- from ownership to management -- that they want to make the decision to enter a full rebuild.

He added: "But the poential of this deal really illustrates the State Farm right combo, because these are two teams that have exactly what the other wants. Boston has been hoarding assets for years for a couple of season, trying to get in the position to get a star player."

Wojnarowski suggested the first building block for the Butler trade would start with either the 2017 or 2018 Brooklyn Nets' first-round pick, which the Celtics acquired in 2013 in the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade.

"And Jimmy Butler in Boston, paired with Isaiah Thomas and this Celtics team -- it would put this Celtics team in a position to seriously challenge Cleveland [Cavaliers] in the east, not only in the short term, but also in the long term."

Butler's contract extends to 2020, and then Wojnarowski explained Boston could then sign the guard to another long-term deal. In the meantime, he could help Boston surpass a vulnerable-looking Cavaliers team.

Forbes ranks Celtics as fifth-most valuable NBA franchise

Forbes ranks Celtics as fifth-most valuable NBA franchise

The Boston Celtics are one of the NBA's top teams -- and not just in terms of talent. Forbes has ranked the Celtics as the fifth-most valuable NBA franchise at $2.2 billion.

The Celtics "sport" valuation is one of the highest in the NBA at $674 million. Their "market" valuation comes in as $883 million, their "arena" valuation falls at $341 million and their "brand" valuation stands at $302 million.

Boston is a constant in a continually emerging NBA. Forbes reports the NBA is worth $1.36 billion, which 3.5 times its value five years ago. The league is also on a seven-year collective bargaining agreement that will provide stability in the league for that duration. The NBA also signed a $24 billion deal with ESPN and TNT that began at the start of the 2016-17 season.

The Celtics will continue to play an important part in the growth of the league.