Welsh: Embiid will slide, but not to No. 6

Welsh: Embiid will slide, but not to No. 6
June 19, 2014, 7:30 pm
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Next week's NBA Draft was turned upside down with the news of Joel Embiid's foot injury.

Although some teams might choose to pass on the seven-footer, Tim Welsh would still take him.

"I would still say Joel Embiid is a guy you have to take and you cannot pass on, just because of the potential," said Welsh. "As a player, I still think he's head and shoulders above everyone else in this draft."

Although he might not go as early as expected in the Draft, Welsh doesn't believe the center will fall to the Celtics at No. 6.

"I think to six, that's a really big stretch," explained Welsh. "I think he could slip a couple spots which may make the Celtics more in play as far as trades.

"The Celtics could package maybe players and other picks to move up in the Draft to get Embiid. But I do not think he'll fall to six."