Welsh: Cavs "a long way away" even with LeBron

Welsh: Cavs "a long way away" even with LeBron
July 12, 2014, 8:15 am
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Now that LeBron James is back in Cleveland, are the Cavaliers ready to compete for a championship?

On Town Fair Tire Sports Tonight, Greg Dickerson and Tim Welsh discuss the implications of LeBron's return.  

"I think it’s great for the league," says Welsh. "We’re here talking at the lead of the show on July 11th, we’re talking about the NBA. That’s a rarity, and it’s because of LeBron, the greatest player in the sport, going back and doing something that most people never do."

Welsh says he always expected that LeBron would return to Cleveland, but thought it would happen much later, towards the end of James' career. 

"If he goes back there, he can’t leave again," says Welsh. "So now he’s there. He’s there for the duration and the long haul.”

LeBron joins a promising young core in Cleveland, centered headlined by Kyrie Irving and No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins.

"The pieces are there for the future, but still this team’s a long way away," says Welsh. 

"[LeBron] knows he needs another All Star alongside of him. I don’t trust Kyrie Irving, I haven’t yet. He hasn’t proven it to me. He’s got the talent, but he missed most of his only year at Duke… If LeBron was frustrated with Dwyane Wade, he’s going to be frustrated with Kyrie Irving unless he finds a way to stay on the court."

LeBron may soon get that All Star sidekick if rumors prove true that Kevin Love would be interested in joining James in Cleveland.