Welcome back, Rasheed


Welcome back, Rasheed

If you need some cheering up on this miserable afternoon, here you go:

Rasheed Wallace is back in the NBA!

Wallace, who turned 38 last month and hasnt played since 2010, signed with the Knicks this today, in a move that makes a ton of sense since were talking about the Knicks. For all we know, Sheed won the contract off James Dolan in a game of poker.

(I'm still in shock that he passed the drug test.)

But regardless of why he's back, theres no question that his return is good news for basketball. As long as hes not playing for the Celtics, the NBA is always a better place when Rasheed Wallace exists.

It doesn't matter if he plays particularly well and it's hard to imagine that he will Sheed just needs to be there, and hilarity will ensue.

So, set your iCalendar for Jan. 24. That's when Wallace and the Knicks make their season debut at TD Garden. The Celtics are planning a tribute video consisting solely of missed 3-pointers. Bud Light bottles will be half-price.

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