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WATCH: Celtics vs. Raptors

WATCH: Celtics vs. Raptors

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Tanguay: Celtics should trade Jayson Tatum for Kyrie Irving

Tanguay: Celtics should trade Jayson Tatum for Kyrie Irving

The latest from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is the Celtics have been talking to Cleveland about Kyrie Irving. According to Woj, the Cavs are “intrigued” with Jayson Tatum. Who wouldn’t be after the Summer League he had? 

If it takes Tatum to get Kyrie, then what the hell is Danny waiting for? Pull the trigger. Please don't give me the youth argument, because I'll throw it back in your face. Irving is only 25 years old. 

Irving is the second-best player in the Eastern Conference, with his short-term teammate, LBJ, being the first. This guy averaged 25.2 ppg and 5.8 assists for the season and 29.4 ppg in the finals against the Warriors, and I thought he played harder than LeBron James in the Cavs' 4-1 series loss to Golden State. 


I don’t care if he didn’t talk to his teammates. Kobe warmed up on the opposite end of the floor than his team. Michael had a separate dressing area than his teammates and never stayed in the team hotel. I'm about results, not congeniality.

I admit Irving’s injury history is significant (he averaged 68 games played over last four years), but his talent makes it worth the risk. His defense has been called into question, but the difference between Irving and Isaiah Thomas is Kyrie can play D when he chooses to. Isaiah can’t because of his height. 

Now, to the youth the Celtics may not want to let go. Tatum is going to be a very good offensive player in the NBA and Jaylen Brown could someday be an All-Star. But what is the chance they become Kyrie Irving? Very, very slim. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves have two of the best young players in the NBA in Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and you now what? The T-Wolves finished with a 31-51 record. If the Celts made this deal they would get a 25-year-old superstar who could put them in the NBA Finals this year. Yes, I believe the combination of Kyrie and Gordon Hayward could defeat the mighty LeBron. 

So, pull the trigger Danny and get us Kyrie Irving. Of course, the Spurs are now in on the act and Irving says he wants to play for the Knicks, Heat or Minnesota. So if this doesn’t happen Danny, there's always Anthony Davis!


Report: Celtics have expressed interest in Irving, but no offer made

Report: Celtics have expressed interest in Irving, but no offer made

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics have not made a formal offer to Kyrie Irving.

In Wojnarowski's report about LeBron James complicating possible deals for Kyrie Irving, he also mentioned the Celtics expressing interest in acquiring the Cavaliers' star point guard. However, no formal offer has been made.

Boston has expressed interest in Irving and could offer the best combination of short-term (Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder) and long-term (Jaylen Brown, Tatum, picks) assets. The Celtics have made no formal offer, and it is against Boston's front-office DNA to push out front with the most generous offer. Boston knows that Cleveland is mostly intrigued with Tatum, but the sides have not formally discussed that deal, league sources said.