Wallace out for season, but sticking around

Wallace out for season, but sticking around
March 12, 2014, 7:45 pm
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At 31, veteran Gerald Wallace's first season with the Celtics ended with two surgeries.

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BOSTON — If you've been around Gerald Wallace or read some of his postgame rants this season, you will know he's not about tanking this season.

With the Celtics well on their way to not reaching the postseason, Wallace would not have a problem with that.

After having had surgeries to repair his left knee and ankle earlier this month, Wallace said missing a playoff berth for the Green team would be the only regret he would have about having the season-ending procedures.

"Not nothing negative," Wallace told CSNNE.com. "I'd feel bad and I'd be pissed, then we get into the playoffs and I'd miss the playoffs. If we do [make the playoffs], that would be the only regret with me having the surgery."

Looking at the Celtics remaining schedule and how much ground they would have to make up, a postseason berth seems highly unlikely.

So rather than the playoffs, the Celtics will continue to focus on developing their younger players.

As for Wallace, he has already begun rehabilitation on his knee which as it turned out was an injury he was dealing with for far much longer than anyone - even Wallace - knew about.

With a nickname like "Crash," is that really surprising?

So it's not all that shocking to find out that the torn meniscus injury in his left knee that Wallace had repaired, was an injury that he had been playing with for a long, long time without even knowing it.

"They said my knee was probably like that since I first came into the league," Wallace said. "They said mine over the years had stretched and stretched and stretched to the point where the pain became intolerable."

As for the bone spurs near his ankle, that too was an injury that Wallace said seemed to build up over time as well.

"I just got the cast off my ankle today," Wallace said. "Once that soreness goes down, I'll start to try and get the motion back in it."

And while the injury has ended his season, Wallace said he expects to make a full recovery in time for training camp in the fall.

The surgeries were done March 4 at New England Baptist Hospital, and were performed by Celtics team physician Dr. Brian McKeon who was assisted by Dr. Mark Slovenkai.

Wallace said there was a preliminary discussion about possibly having the surgeries performed by Dr. James Andrews, but Wallace's camp instead decided to go with the Celtics' doctors.

"I talked to my agent about it, we talked about it," Wallace said. "But it wasn't a major surgery. This was just cleaning up the area, trying to eliminate some of the discomfort. It wasn't nothing serious or major."

Plus Wallace sees a major benefit in being around Dr. McKeon who performed the surgery.

"I can see Dr. McKeon every day if I need to," Wallace said.

And he plans to see his teammates as often as possible despite his season being officially over.

"I'd rather stay here, be around my teammates, be around the guys and kind of play it as if I'm still playing and go home when it's time to go home," Wallace said.