Wakeup Call: Wiggins-for-Love? Coach K says do it!

Wakeup Call: Wiggins-for-Love? Coach K says do it!
July 22, 2014, 8:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, July 22:


Cliff Lee's back, and everyone figures the Yankees want him. Badly. (Yahoo! Sports)

Trouble is, he didn't exactly dazzle anyone -- 5 2/3 innings, 12 hits, 6 runs -- in his return start against the Giants last night. Even worse, as Jim Salisbury so delicately wrote in his game story, Lee "delivered more gas during his postgame interview than he did on the mound." Worse still, someone got it on tape and it's all the rage in places where passing-gas jokes qualify as high humor. (CSN Philly)

Hyun-Jin Ryu wins his 11th game, making the Dodgers the first team to have three 11-game winners this year, in L.A.'s 5-2 victory over Pittsburgh. (AP)

And the rich get richer, as old friend Josh Beckett -- he of the 2.26 ERA -- returns to the Dodgers tonight. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Looks like the Giants are going to sign Dan Uggla. The question is: Why? (CSN Bay Area)

Speaking of the Giants, they've finally come to their senses regarding Matt Cain, who's headed to the DL after pitching all season -- and not very well, by Matt Cain standards -- with a "cranky" elbow. (Hardball Talk)

Since the Mariners have designs on battling the A's for the A.L. West title, would they really trade Nick Franklin to Oakland? (Hardball Talk)

Maybe they can arrange a straight Franklin-for-Tommy Milone swap, since Milone has apparently asked the A's to trade him. (CSN Bay Area)

Michael Pineda appears ready -- at last -- to hit the rehab trail. (Hardball Talk)

Not Ubaldo Jiminez, though. (Hardball Talk)

The Phillies start making changes: Tony Gwynn Jr. is designated for assignment. (CSN Philly)


Like college sports the way they are? Too bad, says Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, because he predicts changes -- big changes -- are coming. (AP)

Bowlsby introduced some change of his own when he announced his league is making Catherine "Cat" Conti its first female referee. (AP)

Jameis Winston knows that, at some point, he's going to have to choose between football and baseball. But which way will he go? (Yahoo! Sports)

Baylor coach Art Briles tells Jimbo Fisher -- who thinks every conference should play a championship game -- to mind his own business. (AP)

Gavin Stansbury, one of Texas A&M's starting defensive linemen, has left the team to focus on what coach Kevin Sumlin calls "personal issues." (AP)

LSU freshman Trey Lealaimatafao will probably miss the season because of an arm injury suffered when, upset because of a disagreement with his girlfriend, he punched a window in the Tigers' weight room. (NBC's College Football Talk)

Miami grad and employee Jennifer Urs had no one to accompany her down the aisle at her wedding because her father passed away. So she made the trip on the arm of the Hurricanes mascot. (Yahoo! Sports)

Issac Kolstad, the former Minnesota State-Mankato linebacker who suffered severe head and brain injuries when he was allegedly assaulted by then-Rutgers quarterback Phillip Nelson a few months ago, is making a remarkable recovery. (College Football Talk) 


Tiger was a winner at the British Open because he sank a crucial putt on Friday that enabled him to make the cut? Well, I guess . . . (Yahoo! Sports)


The newest member of the Wild, Thomas Vanek, is being connected to a gambling investigation in Rochester, N.Y. But Vanek, who formerly played in nearby Buffalo, says he is "not the subject of any investigation or prosecution." (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk) 

It's been a bad year for celebrity sports couples: A few months after Rory McIlroy broke it off with Caroline Wozniacki, Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko cancels her planned wedding to the Capitals' Alex Ovechkin. Still, she says she "respectfully [wishes] him further sporting success," so there's that. (AP)

New Penguins coach Mike Johnston is so eager to meet with his players that he's flying to Russia to visit Evgeni Malkin. (Pro Hockey Talk)


Deal off Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love? That's a trade Coach K would make in a second. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Former Laker star Michael Cooper, now the coach of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream, has been diagnosed with early stage tongue cancer and will take a two-week leave of absence from the team. He's expected to make a full recovery. (AP)

The NBA is putting gold patches on the uniforms of all the teams that have won championships in the past, with the number of titles on the collar of each jersey. But while franchises like the Hawks and Kings -- who haven't won in their present location, but did win when they were located elsewhere -- are gladly participating, the Thunder is refusing . . . even though the team was NBA champ in Seattle in 1979. (Yahoo! Sports)

Choose Cleveland over Miami?!? Who would do that? asks an incredulous Mario Chalmers. (Pro Basketball Talk)

LeBron James, that's who. In an unrelated note, he's one proud father watching his son participate in the AAU Fourth Grade Division I national championship tournament. (Yahoo! Sports)

And, unlike Chalmers, Dwyane Wade is fine with James leaving . . . if you're to believe James' advisor, who claims the two are "friends for life" and speak "almost daily." (Pro Basketball Talk)

Doc Rivers wants Sam Cassell, who helped him win a championship as a player with the Celtics in 2008, on his Clippers coaching staff so badly that he's willing to make a trade with Washington, where Cassell is currently an assistant. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Life after basketball? The very thought scares Kobe Bryant. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Don't worry, Kobe. There's always celebrity softball. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Larry Bird cries what Pro Basketball Talk's Dan Feldman believes are crocodile tears over the loss of Lance Stephenson. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Bird must be delighted to hear Paul George's theory that the Pacers collapsed down the stretch because they lost their hunger. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Stan Van Gundy tells Josh Smith that, unless something unexpected pops up, he'll at least start the season with the Pistons. (Pro Basketball Talk)


Tony Dungy says that if he were still a coach he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam, because he "wouldn’t want to deal with" the "things [that] will happen" with football's first openly gay player. Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith is troubled that Dungy -- the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl -- would take that position, because "[if] everyone refused to hire minorities because it could cause a distraction, no minority group would ever make any progress . . . What if [Steelers coach Chuck] Noll had declined to hire Dungy (as an assistant in 1981) because he worried that some of the white assistant coaches would have a problem with a black colleague?" (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Taking it further, Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel thinks Dungy's assessment shows "a stunning lack of courage." And while he understands Dungy's conservative Christian views may be behind what he's saying, Wetzel points out Dungy "drafted, hired, signed, coached, championed and personally mentored scores of players and coaches who routinely engaged in Biblical definitions of sin, let alone behavior that goes against modern societal standards" . . . especially Michael Vick, who went to jail for running a dog-fighting operation. (Yahoo! Sports)

The Legion of Boom was guilty of illegal contact and holding on virtually every play in 2013, figuring that referees wouldn't call it every time and, percentage-wise, they'd come out ahead. Well, they might want to rethink that strategy this year. (Pro Football Talk)

To the surprise of no one who's been paying attention, Marcell Dareus is entering a substance-abuse program. (AP)

Hey, if Donald Sterling's Clippers can sell for more than a billion, why not the Bills? (Pro Football Talk)

Yes, Chris Snee retired. But no, the Giants say they're not looking for offensive line help. (Pro Football Talk)

Johnny Football's jersey is the top seller in the NFL's online shop. No, really. (Pro Football Talk)

Brett Favre says talk that he's doesn't want to return to Green Bay to have his jersey retired because he's afraid he'd be booed is ridiculous. (Pro Football Talk)

Like coach, like player. (Pro Football Talk)

I'm sure Zack Mettenberger figured he was through with crazy Alabama fans once he left LSU and joined the Titans, but . . . (Pro Football Talk)


Six members of the Ukrainian champion Shakhtar team -- which is based in Donetsk, currently a battleground between pro-Russian separatist rebels and Ukrainian forces -- refuse to return to the region because of the danger. (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)

Sporting Kansas City declares there's "no question that we’re the greatest [organization] in MLS," if they do say so themselves. (Pro Soccer Talk)