Wakeup Call: Silver unites and heals the NBA

Wakeup Call: Silver unites and heals the NBA
April 30, 2014, 8:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, April 30:


Man, you can't even punch a guy in the face these days without fined 25 grand and being put on probation for a month. (AP)


Michael Pineda must have angered the Baseball Gods with that glob of pine tar on his neck, because now it looks like they're taking it out on him. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Who had Game 27 in the When Will Jacoby Ellsbury Get Injured pool? (Hardball Talk)

Robinson Cano receives plenty of abuse in his return to Yankee Stadium, but he gets the last laugh by driving in a run and scoring one in the Mariners' 6-3 victory. (AP)

Having already lost Jarrod Parker for the year, the A's take another body blow with word that A.J. Griffin is also done for the season. (CSN Bay Area)

When last we saw Aroldis Chapman, he was taking a line drive off the jaw. Now he's getting ready to go on a rehab assignment. (AP)

Lucas Duda says the company hired by the Mets to move his stuff to a new apartment robbed him of $1,600 worth of possessions. (Hardball Talk)

Manny Machado is back at last, and the Orioles are happy he is. (CSN Baltimore)

Bet you didn't know Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee are still in court. (AP)

And Craig Calcaterra, a lawyer in his previous life, doesn't think things are going well for the Rocket. (Hardball Talk)


This Kentucky fan is so happy the Harrison twins are returning that he had them tattooed onto his left arm. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

Tom Izzo -- yes, the Tom Izzo who's the coach at Michigan State -- is the star of Nebraska's men's basketball banquet. (College Basketball Talk)


Can you blame Bob Bowlsby? Very soon, being commissioner of the Big 12 -- or any of the power leagues -- will be a better job than being president of the NCAA. (AP)

Another of those power conferences, the SEC, will experiment with eight-man refereeing crews. (NBC's College Football Talk)

Just what Penn State needs: The Nittany Lions may have a scandal brewing with its new coach, James Franklin, stemming from his time at Vanderbilt. (College Football Talk)

Franklin tries to get out ahead of it. (College Football Talk)

Houston does a nice thing by awarding a full scholarship to its kicker. It was a little sleazy, though, to stick hidden cameras around the office to capture the reaction of him and his mother. (College Football Talk)

The playoff system hasn't even started yet, and already they're talking about expanding it. (College Football Talk)


Get well soon, Notah Begay. (AP)

The LPGA is sorry to see April come to an end. (AP)


The Flyers are barreling into Game 7 tonight in New York with all the momentum, thanks to their resounding 5-2 win over the Rangers in Game 6 last night. (CSN Philly)

Their unlikely hero was Wayne Simmonds, who walked the walk after talking the talk. (CSN Philly)

Simmonds, one of a handful of black players in the NHL, also talked the talk about Donald Sterling, on whom we'll have much more later in our show. (Yahoo! Sports)

The Sharks have been here before; they lost three straight to the Red Wings after jumping out to a 3-0 series lead over Detroit in 2011. But they won Game 7 three years ago, and they're confident they'll do it again against the Kings tonight. (AP)

And there'll be another Game 7 tonight, too: Avalanche-Wild in Denver. (AP)

Matt Duchene isn't close to 100 percent, but he's ignoring that balky knee and will be in the Avs' lineup tonight. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Bruin-killer Thomas Vanek is getting ready for the Montreal-Boston series, but it may be the only one he ever plays in: According to reports, the Wild are prepared to do whatever it takes to get him to Minnesota when he becomes a free agent in July. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Old friend Jaromir Jagr will be back for another year in New Jersey. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Mike Babcock has only one year left on his contract, but he's not worried about being a lame duck next year. (AP)

On the other hand, the Blue Jackets are handing long-term extensions to Todd Richards and staff. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Forget this rebuilding business. GM Dale Tallon says the Panthers want to win "right away" . . . so interim coach Peter Horachek is shown the door as Tallon eyes such veteran bench bosses as Barry Trotz and Peter Laviolette. (Pro Hockey Talk) 

Lightning goalie Ben Bishop has successful "upper-body" surgery -- sorry, force of habit; it was his wrist -- and should be ready for training camp. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Sounds like the love affair between Ryan Miller and the Blues is over. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Old friend Rich Peverley still doesn't know when -- or if -- he'll be able to resume his career, but no one's in any rush to make a decision. (AP)


The anger and fury sparked by the Donald Sterling tapes had the potential to blow apart the NBA. Adam Silver -- unlike his predecessor David Stern, who turned a blind eye to Sterling's oily behavior for three decades -- brought all sides together by doing the right thing. (Yahoo! Sports)

The next step in the Sterling ban is getting the other owners to vote him out of the club. There needs to be 75 percent agreement among the remaining 29 teams, and an informal poll done by the Associated Press indicates reaching that threshold won't be a problem. (AP)

It's unlikely Sterling's going to down without a fight, but the NBA's previously "secret" constitution and by-laws -- secret because the league never let anyone see them before yesterday -- show that Silver may actually have legal standing for the draconian punishment he handed down. (Yahoo! Sports)

Or not. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

And now they're lining up to take the Clippers off Sterling's hands. In addition to the usual suspects we have some unlikely candidates as well, like Floyd Mayweather and Malcolm In The Middle's Frankie Muniz. (Both stories Yahoo! Sports)

As many of us suspected, NBA players -- all of them involved in the playoffs, in fact -- were prepared to boycott last night's games if Silver hadn't dropped the hammer on Sterling. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

And the Warriors were going to do so in dramatic fashion. (Yahoo! Sports)

Strains of "Ding dong the witch is dead" reverberate around the Staples Center. (Yahoo! Sports)

Including among the Clippers, as Chris Paul admits after the team's Game 5 win over Golden State. (Yahoo! Sports)

Elswehere, the Wizards complete an unlikely five-game vanquishing of the Bulls. (CSN Washington)

The accomplishment may lose a little of its luster with word that Joakim Noah was playing hurt. But just a little. (CSN Chicago)

Just as unlikely is the Grizzlies on the verge of eliminating the Thunder. But, thanks to a victory in the fourth straight overtime game of the series, Memphis is heading home with a 3-2 lead. (AP)

Not unlikely at all: Joey Crawford inserting himself into the action . . . and perhaps costing Oklahoma City the victory. (Pro Basketball Talk)

As if the game wasn't bad enough, Paul George had a $15,000 ring stolen from his home Monday night while the Pacers were losing Game 5 to the Hawks. (AP)

Tony Parker has a mild ankle sprain and will be reevaluated tonight before the Spurs play Game 5 against the Mavs. (AP)


With Adam Silver taking such an unequivocal stand against racism in the NBA, pressure may build on the NFL to finally do something about the Redskins' nickname. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Now that Earl Thomas has been signed to an extension in Seattle, is Richard Sherman next? (Pro Football Talk)

Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says this Geno Smith-Michael Vick thing will "work beautifully." If you say so, Marty. (AP)

Old friend Brian Hoyer looks good in his first practice for the Browns since tearing up his knee early last season. (AP)

The Bills have their eyes on three players in this draft -- Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson and Sammy Watkins -- and are prepared to trade up to get one of them. (Pro Football Talk)

Apparently, the Texans still can't decide between Clowney and Johnny Football. (Pro Football Talk)

Whaddya know: Mike Pouncey survives the Incognito/Martin imbroglio in Miami. (Yahoo! Sports)

Bernard Pollard, wordsmith. (Pro Football Talk)

We all know Peyton Manning is old school. But Johnny Cash? Now that's old school. (Yahoo! Sports)

An ex-girlfriend of former NFL star Hugh Douglas sues him for assault. (AP)


The French Open just increased its pool of prize money, so, naturally, Wimbledon follows suit. (AP)

The father of Serena and Venus Williams says he'll never go back to Indians Wells after his daughters were taunted with racial epithets there in 2001. But if they want to play there he'll support them, because they were taught to make their own decisions. (AP)