Wakeup Call: The ship be sinkin', eh, Lakers?

Wakeup Call: The ship be sinkin', eh, Lakers?
February 27, 2014, 9:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Thursday, February 27:


Russell Wilson wasn't kidding about wanting to go to spring training with the Rangers. (Yahoo! Sports)

Looking to bet on who'll become baseball's first $40-million-a-year player? Well, Mike Trout -- who yesterday signed a one-year, $1 million deal with the Angels even though he's not even arbitration-eligible -- is the odds-on favorite. (AP)

Trout's Los Angeles teammate, Josh Hamilton, is on crutches because of a calf injury and will be sidelined at least two weeks. (AP)

Here's one pitcher not likely to be ready to start the season: The Cardinals' Jaime Garcia. (AP)

Here's another: The Mets' Jon Niese. (AP)

On the first day of the exhibition season, old friend Josh Reddick makes the catch of the year. (Yahoo! Sports)

Clayton Kershaw has nowhere to go but up. (AP)

And old friend (?) Jacoby Ellsbury has nowhere to go but down. (AP)

A Phoenix radio station must have been disappointed that the Diamondbacks didn't plunk Yasiel Puig in their game against the Dodgers, because one of its on-air personalties urged the D'backs to do just that. (Yahoo! Sports)

Remember how Zack Greinke was complaining about L.A.'s season-opening trip to Australia? Well, maybe he and Kershaw won't have to go. (Yahoo! Sports)

Even though Stephen Strasburg says he's "ready to rock," the Nationals are telling him to cool his heels. (AP)

Think you can hit a home run at Petco Park? If so, you're in line to win Padres' season tickets. (Yahoo! Sports) 

How humiliating, David. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Scott Rolen hasn't played since 2012, but he won't say he's retired. Want us to say it for you, Scott? (CSN Philly)


No. 3 Arizona gets its revenge on Cal. (AP)

Beating Butler is no big trick this year, but, nonetheless, No. 8 Villanova is happy that it did. (AP)

No. 12 Virginia's on a roll. (AP)

Glenn Robinson III beats his father's alma mater, and his brother's soon-to-be school, with a shot at the buzzer as No. 16 Michigan escapes with a win at Purdue. (AP)

No. 19 North Carolina also gets a buzzer-beating, game-winning shot at North Carolina State. In overtime, no less. (AP)

It took a while, but Jim Boeheim finally comes to his senses. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

South Carolina women's coach Dawn Staley has a nice summer job. (AP)


JoJo Nicolas, a former University of Miami player, is killed in a car crash. (AP)


Tiger Woods thinks the road to the Masters begins in Florida. If that's the case, the road to the Masters begins now. (AP)


Martin St. Louis doesn't just want to be traded: He wants to be traded to the Rangers. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

If St. Louis does get to Manhattan, odds are he won't be playing with Ryan Callahan. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Another guy who may be on the move before next week's trade deadline: Ryan Kesler. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Carey Price's lower body is going to keep him out of the Canadiens' net for a few days. (AP)

But Marian Gaborik's upper body is healed, and he's returning to the Blue Jackets. (AP) 

And Pekka Rinne's middle body is getting better, so the Predators are sending him to the AHL to see if he can help them down the stretch. (AP)

Mike Babcock takes the strategies that worked so well for him as Team Canada's coach in Sochi and applies them to the Red Wings. The results last night in Montreal were familiar. (AP)

Tort's Canucks break their seven-game losing streak, and against a pretty good team. (AP)


The ship be sinkin', eh, Lakers? (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Distraction? What distraction? Maybe you think Raymond Felton's arrest on felony weapons charges will be a distraction to the Knicks, but he doesn't. (AP)

What might be a real distraction is tonight's Knicks-Heat game is the mask LeBron James plans to wear to protect his broken nose. (AP)

You know something, LeBron? If this is what you're spending it on, you just have too much money. Really. (Pro Basketball Talk)

A home loss to the Cavs means the Thunder, officially, are in a slump. (AP)

Headed in the other direction: The Clippers beat the Rockets for their sixth win in eight games. (AP)

Don't let last night's loss fool you, though. Houston is tuning up for a title run. (Yahoo! Sports)

The Clips may be about to record an off-the-court victory. Danny Granger convinces the Sixers to buy him out . . . (CSN Philly)

. . . and it looks like he's headed to L.A. (Yahoo! Sports)

A 44-point drubbing in Portland? Really, Nets? (AP)

The Pelicans lose a game to the Mavericks, but -- more importantly -- also lose Anthony Davis to a shoulder injury. (AP)

C'mon, Manu. You can afford better shoes than that. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Beno Udrih wasn't out of work long. (Yahoo! Sports)


Ron Jaworski doubles down on his criticism of Johnny Football, saying Manziel "won't last three games" in the NFL if he doesn't change his style. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

The NFL's threat to pull next year's Super Bowl out of Phoenix if the anti-gay, right-to-refuse-service bill was passed into law may not have been the biggest factor, but it probably was factor in Governor Jan Brewer's decision to veto the legislation. (Yahoo! Sports)

Former Raven Matt Birk says that even though no one ever talked about it, he knows he played with plenty of gay players during his 15-year career. (CSN Baltimore)

Get ready to hear more from Bart Scott now that he's on CBS, and he's already started talking: He thinks referees have a tough enough job without having to be speech police, too. (Pro Football Talk)

Sure sounds like the Raiders are packing their bags, doesn't it? (Pro Football Talk)

Jason Peters is staying with the Eagles. (AP)

Maybe Jeremy Maclin, too. (CSN Philly)

And Riley Cooper. (CSN Philly)

But is Steve Smith staying with the Panthers? That's a good question. (AP)

A better question is why new Carolina GM Dave Gettleman is handling Smith this way. (Pro Football Talk)

We know D'Qwell Jackson's not staying with the Browns. (AP)

Look out, Twitter: Someone vandalized Richie Incognito's Ferrari, and you know he'll have something to say about that. (Pro Football Talk)

The Bills say they're able, and willing, to put the franchise tag on Jairus Byrd again. (Pro Football Talk)

Get ready, NFL: Brandon Browner's about to "sue the daylights" out of you over his suspension. (Pro Football Talk)

A statue? Of John Harbaugh? Huh? (CSN Baltimore)

Well, we always blamed you, Jerry. (Pro Football Talk)