Wakeup Call: Hey, Cleveland! You can't spell 'LeBron'?

Wakeup Call: Hey, Cleveland! You can't spell 'LeBron'?
March 19, 2014, 8:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for  Wednesday, March 19:


If Ricky Stenhouse wants to make himself known as more than Danica Patrick's boyfriend, second-place finishes like last weekend's at Bristol are a good way to start. (AP)


Bo Jackson could have been a star in baseball and an immortal in football, but an injury in one of the sports ruined his career in both. So he has a piece of advice to Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback who's hanging with the Rangers in spring training: Stick to the Seahawks. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Bo was an author, too, which reminds me: Good thing there's no literacy requirement in baseball. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

I don't blame you, Nick. I never cared much for Lofton, either. (Yahoo! Sports)

Matt Harvey still hopes to pitch in 2014. (AP)

Jose Tabata -- once thought to be a cornerstone of emerging Pirate contenders -- is on the trade block. (Hardball Talk)

So's Ike Davis, who I don't think was ever thought of as a cornerstone for the Mets. (Hardball Talk)

Walter O'Malley's been dead for nearly 35 years, but, at last, his pay-TV dream for the Dodgers is  -- sort of -- coming true. (Hardball Talk)

O'Malley's old team, and the Diamondbacks, have arrived in Australia for the season-opening series. (AP)

Not only is Carl Crawford not with the Dodgers -- remember, he's staying home because his fiancee is about to give birth -- but he hurt his shoulder in a minor-league game yesterday. The team, however, claims it's nothing serious. (AP)

I'd forgotten all about Operation Shutdown! (Hardball Talk)


The dance begins with North Carolina State and Albany winning the first games of the two-night First Four. (Both stories AP)

And now the Wolfpack are a popular upset pick against Saint Louis. (Yahoo! Sports)

The second two games are tonight and Iowa coach Fran McCaffrey plans to be with the Hawkeyes in Dayton for their meeting with Tennessee, even though he's spending the morning in Iowa City with his 13-year-old son Patrick, who's undergoing surgery for a thyroid tumor. (AP)

Florida says it's gone through a lot of "heartbreak" in recent NCAA tournaments, and, really, it's hard to argue. So the top-seeded Gators are going into this one on a mission. (AP)

Billy Donovan's team may be the smart pick to go all the way, but Michigan State's the trendy one. (AP)

Welcome back, Connecticut. (AP)

The coaching carousel spins on and on:  Brad Huse resigns at Montana State . . . (AP) 

. . . Ken Bone is fired by Washington State . . . (AP)

. . . and former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl is hired by Auburn. (AP)

Bet you didn't know the Notre Dame women were undefeated this year, right? Well, that's because in women's basketball, there's UConn and then there's everybody else. But the Lady Irish say that's all right; they plan to use that lack of "respect" as motivation. (AP)


Four Georgia players are arrested on charges of illegal check-cashing. (AP)

Indiana wide receiver Isaac Griffith is hospitalized in critical but stable condition after nearly drowning at a Florida beach. (AP)


Tiger Woods' back woes force him to pull out of this weekend's tournament at Bay Hill. (AP)


This is the Bobby Loo they used to love in Vancouver: He makes 52 saves in leading the Panthers over the Sharks. (AP)

He overshadows old friend Anton Khudobin, who stops 46 in the Hurricanes' 3-1 win over the Blue Jackets. (AP)

Last night's 8-4 beating of the Senators may not have been the best game he ever played, but it was enough to make Henrik Lundqvist the winningest goalie in Rangers history. (AP)

The Penguins look more like themselves. (AP)

Patrick Roy's return to Montreal is spoiled by Thomas Vanek and the Canadiens. (AP)


You know, Cleveland, if you want LeBron James to come back, you might want to learn how to spell his name. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

LeBron gives those Clevelanders who dream of his return a little glimpse of what to expect in the unlikely event that he once again becomes a Cavalier. (AP)

Phil Jackson waves an olive branch at 'Melo in his first press conference as head of the Knicks. (Pro Basketball Talk) 

If Jackson's arrival means James Dolan removes himself from the team's operations, then the hiring was a success no matter what happens from here on in. (Yahoo! Sports)

Metta World Artest says the Knicks didn't listen when he tried to take a leadership role. Go figure. (Pro Basketball Talk)

And here I thought Dikembe Mutombo had sunk about as low as he could when he used his finger wag in a Geico commercial. (Pro Basketball Talk)

You have to say Greg Oden's comeback with Miami was successful: He may become a starter for the Heat. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Kobe Bryant tells his fellow Lakers that he doesn't "talk to players on teams that are 20 games under .500." Silence must be golden, then. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Mark to Dirk: Wake up! (Pro Basketball Talk)

Andrew Bynum on the sidelines? Next you'll tell me the sun rises in the East. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Former NBA center Ben Wallace is heading to jail for a couple of days. (CSN Chicago)


This offseason just keeps getting better and better for the Panthers, as word comes down that Cam Newton needs ankle surgery and will be sidelined for four months. (AP)

When Bryant McKinnie was a Pro Bowl offensive tackle, teams were willing to overlook his less-than-sterling work ethic. Now that he's not -- and now that he's a free agent -- they may not be as forgiving. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

The poison pill the Browns put into Alex Mack's contract is having the desired effect: It's keeping him in Cleveland. (Pro Football Talk)

And he has a new teammate in former Bengals receiver Andrew Hawkins. (Pro Football Talk)

Mario Manningham's back with the Giants. (Pro Football Talk)

And old friend Brandon Meriweather's back with the Redskins. (AP)

But Earl Bennett's no longer a Bear. (Pro Football Talk)

Drew Brees is upset that Darren Sproles is no longer a Saint. (Pro Football Talk)

Here's a new one: The Jets are privately apologizing to agents for leading them to believe they had more interest in their clients than they actually did. (Pro Football Talk)

The Chiefs say they're putting the Emmanuel Sanders fiasco "to bed". Good place for it, if you ask me. (AP)

The Colts announce that owner Jim Irsay has checked into a "health-care facility" to "help him meet his challenges head-on." I think anyone can read between those lines. (Pro Football Talk)

Richie Incognito also spent some time in treatment. But now he's out, in good spirits, and back on Twitter. (AP)