Wakeup Call: Greatest play in Celtics' history by . . . who?

Wakeup Call: Greatest play in Celtics' history by . . . who?
September 20, 2013, 8:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Friday, September 20:








  • Havlicek stealing the ball? Bird swiping victory from the Pistons? Hah! Gerald Henderson says HE made the greatest play in Celtics history. And, no, for those of you under the age of 40, not Gerald Henderson of the Bobcats. (NBCs Pro Basketball Talk)

  • He tore his Achilles in March, for God's sake. Why would anyone expect Kobe Bryant to be running at 100 percent six months later? (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)


  • Andy Reid says the Chiefs' win over the Eagles in his return to Philadelphia was no big deal. To quote the great Jim Gosger: Yeah, suuuree. (AP)

  • To the surprise of some, Eagles fans gave Reid a nice reception before the game. (CSN Philly)

  • The next homecoming: Ed Reed's return to Baltimore on Sunday. (CSN Baltimore)

  • Dashon Goldson admits he's an aggressive player but says he never intends to hurt anyone. Darren Sproles -- on the receiving end of a Goldson blow to the head last Sunday that resulted in a $100,000 fine -- also invokes the sentiment of the great Mr. Gosger. (AP)

  • That sideline skirmish at the end of last week's Patriots-Jets game cost Willie Colon $34,125. (AP)

  • Trent Richardson says he's playing Sunday, even though he's only been a Colt for a couple of days. (AP)

  • The Browns have found Richardson's replacement: Willis McGahee. (AP)

  • Champ Bailey is back. (AP)

  • But Brandon Marshall might be out. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

  • Hey, Mike: Didn't Mike Ditka and Ricky Williams teach you anything? (Pro Football Talk)

  • Williams may not have been a good trade acquisition -- especially for all the picks in a draft -- but Nick Saban thinks he'll make a fine coach. And he's already started his career, though FCS University of the Incarnate Word ain't exactly the fast lane. (NBC's College Football Talk)

  • The upstate New York vacation home of ex-Patriot Brian Holloway was trashed by teenagers to the tune of $20,000 worth of damages. (CSN Bay Area)