Wakeup Call: Durant makes his points on 'Melo

Wakeup Call: Durant makes his points on 'Melo
February 10, 2014, 9:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Monday, February 10:


Let's see. Johnny Damon just turned 40. He didn't play last season. The last year he did play, 2012, his OPS was a gag-inducing .610. He still thinks, though, he's capable of performing in the big leagues and is hoping to hook on somewhere. Failing that, he's willing to consider managing . . . but only a major-league team. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Spring training is upon us and Ervin Santana's still looking for work. Now, however, the Blue Jays and Orioles seem interested. (Hardball Talk)

Ditto Kendry Morales and the Pirates. (Hardball Talk)

The A's John Jaso missed the last two months of the 2013 season because of a concussion, but now he says he's good to go. (CSN Bay Area)


Just call him Marcus Not-So-Smart: He gets a three-game suspension for shoving that fan at Texas Tech on Saturday. The fan, incidentally, suspends himself from attending any more games for the rest of the season. (AP)

There was a racial component to Saturday's incident, as Smart, who is black, shoved an older white fan -- though the fan insists, and witnesses confirm, that his taunts weren't racist  -- and veteran black coaches John Cheney and Nolan Richardson talk about it in that context. And Cheney, while he doesn't mention him by name, has some not-so-veiled criticism for Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford, whom he says failed to impose discipline on Smart despite clear signs of immaturity in the past. (Yahoo! Sports)

The Basketball Player Formerly Known As Ron Artest knows a little something about battling with fans -- remember 2004 in Auburn Hills? -- and he offers some advice to Smart about how to benefit from all this. (AP)

He already has, says Pat Forde: The Yahoo! college basketball writer thinks the suspension should have been more severe. (Yahoo! Sports)

A good day for the old Big East: No. 1 Syracuse remains unbeaten . . . (AP)

. . . St. John's upends No. 12 Creighton . . . (AP)

. . . and No. 22 UConn rolls past Central Florida. Funny thing is, all three of those teams are now in different conferences. (AP)

Iowa State's Melvin Ejim shoots his way into the record books, scoring a Big 12-record 48 points in the 16th-ranked Cyclones' 84-69 win over TCU. (AP)

Wisconsin pulls off an upset over No. 9 Michigan State. (CSN Chicago)

Man. Looks like Arizona State's the wild, wild West. (AP)


Tennessee linebacker A.J. Johnson, a first-team all-Southeastern Conference selection last season, and teammate Danny O'Brien are arrested on alcohol-related charges and resisting arrest. (AP)


The season's not three months old, and Jimmy Walker's already won three tournaments. (AP)

It runs in the family: Cheyenne Woods, niece of a far more famous golfer with the same last name, wins the Australian Ladies Masters for her second professional victory. (AP)


Friends become foes as NHL teammates play for their native countries into Sochi. Like David Krejci and Loui Eriksson facing off against each other on Wednesday. (AP)

Ilya Kovalchuk, who left the NHL to play in Russia's KHL, doesn't see the Olympics as a way for the fledgling league to prove itself. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Ex-Maple Leaf Leo Komarov's in the KHL this year, too. But he wants to come back to North America next year. (Pro Hockey Talk)

If you're looking for a second- or third-line forward, the Blues' Chris Stewart is available. (Pro Hockey Talk)


The 40-somethings are stealing the show during the opening days of these games. (nbcolympics.com)

Did you recognize the guy who fell during the opening ceremonies Friday night? You should; he's Alpo Suhonen, who coached the Blackhawks in 2000-01. (Yahoo! Sports)

Russian speed skater Olga Graf almost had a wardrobe malfunction after her bronze-medal performance. (NBC Olympic talk)


The mano-a-mano showdown between the league's two top scorers never develops, as Kevin Durant outpaces 'Melo 41-15 in the Thunder's win over the Knicks. (AP)

The Lakers are able to keep enough guys from fouling out this time around, but -- unlike when they played Cleveland -- that's not enough against the Bulls. (AP)

Kobe Bryant's misfortune is Anthony Davis' windfall. (Yahoo! Sports)

CP3 returns and the Clippers celebrate by embarrassing the Sixers. (AP)

Speaking of the Clippers, don't expect Blake Griffin to recreate his memorable victory in the 2011 Dunk Contest, when he jumped over a car. In fact, don't expect him to participate at all. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

And speaking of the Sixers, they've been shopping Evan Turner for a while. Now it looks like they may finally have some takers. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Magic appeared booked on a three-month journey to Lottery Land for the rest of the season. Then, on Friday night, they beat the Thunder. And they followed that up last night by beating the Heat. (AP)

The Pistons fire Mo Cheeks . . . (AP)

. . . which is a little surprising, since they'd just won back-to-back blowouts over the Nets and Nuggets. But trouble had been brewing between Cheeks and management for some time. (Pro Basketball Talk)


The NFL's first official reaction to Michael Sam announcing he's gay is a positive one . . . (Yahoo! Sports)

. . . but the league probably isn't surprised, because team scouts have been sniffing at the rumors for weeks. (Yahoo! Sports)

And many of those teams dropped Sam on their draft boards as a result. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Most of the players are publicly supportive, too, though ex-Cowboy and Charger Patrick Crayton becomes the frontrunner for the Fred Flintstone Neanderthal Award. (Yahoo! Sports)

But just to show Sam that the road ahead isn't going to be all sunshine and unicorns, listen to this unnamed NFL player personnel assistant. (Yahoo! Sports)

Ex-Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo, who's been one of the few public gay-rights supporters among past and present NFL players, compares Sam to Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks. (Pro Football Talk)

If you're looking for landing spots for Sam, well, wouldn't San Francisco be a natural? (CSN Bay Area)

The Redskins' name issue isn't going to go away just because Daniel Snyder wants it to. Now two members of Congress, one Republican and Democrat, plan to write to Roger Goodell, urging him to convince the 'Skins to drop the nickname. (Pro Football Talk)

Maybe the Dolphins should take a lesson from 1960s gas stations or 1950s movie theaters and offer a free set of dishes with every season ticket. (Pro Football Talk)

Dominic Raiola is hoping the 14th time's the charm with the Lions. (AP)

Muhammad Wilkerson says he's not going to hold out this summer, even though his rookie contract with the Jets is expiring. (Pro Football Talk)


The Italian women beat the U.S. in their first-round Fed Cup match. (AP)