Wakeup Call: 26 for the books

Wakeup Call: 26 for the books
March 28, 2014, 8:30 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Friday, March 28:


Why the happy faces, Tiger Nation? You've just made what might turn out to be the biggest contract mistake in baseball history. (Yahoo! Sports)

Don't believe it? Look around to see what MLB executives are saying about that 10-year, $292 million deal with 31-year-old Miguel Cabrera. A hint: It ain't pretty. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Baseball's new drug policy contains a big change: Any player suspended for PED use is ineligible for the postseason that year, even if he serves his suspension and returns to action before the regular season ends. (Hardball Talk)

This is the CC Sabathia the Yankees are paying for . . . and the one they hope will return in 2014. (AP)

Times are tough for Scott Boras: First the Stephen Drew/Kendry Morales fiasco, and now this. (Hardball Talk)

The Diamondbacks need a replacement for Patrick Corbin but it won't be top prospect Archie Bradley. At least not yet. (AP)

At last, good news from Cole Hamels. (CSN Philly)

Nowhere to go but up for the newest Brave, Aaron Harang. (AP)

A team meeting to discuss the baserunning blunders of one guy? Maybe I'm cynical, but why do I think there's more to it than that? (AP)

Because it sure seems part of a bigger issue. (Hardball Talk)

Let it go, Tino. (Hardball Talk)

Anyone tell these guys they're located next to a ballpark? (Hardball Talk)


The Miller brothers are headed to the Elite Eight. (AP)

They coach arch-rival schools in a bloodthirsty profession -- college basketball coaching -- but Rick Pitino and John Calipari insist they're friends. (Yahoo! Sports)

After getting roasted in the court of public opinion for reneging, the Falcons' Roddy White is paying off on his Mercer-Duke promise, after all. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

In today's installment of Declaring for the NBA Draft, we have Syracuse's Tyler Ennis, for sure . . .  (AP)

. . . and Kansas' Joel Embiid, according to sources. (Yahoo! Sports)

Sorry, Golden Eagles: Wisconsin native Shaka Smart won't be leaving Virginia Commonwealth for Marquette. (College Basketball Talk)

What does it say about the state of the Lakers that Marshall -- Marshall! -- thinks it has a chance to lure Mike D'Antoni from L.A. to Huntington, West Virginia? Even if D'Antoni is an alum? (College Basketball Talk)

If the North Carolina women reach the Final Four, coach Sylvia Hatchell -- absent from the sidelines this year because of her battle with leukemia -- says she'll be back with the team. (AP)

Attendance was down in the first rounds of the women's tournament, something the NCAA hopes will turn around in the Sweet Sixteen. (AP)


The battle is just beginning, but the NLRB ruling allowing Northwestern's players to unionize is a huge blow to the NCAA, which is attempting to cling to a system that allows it to rake in billions of dollars on the backs of athletes to whom it gives back not a penny . . . a system that, in the words of one professor specializing in sports and antitrust law, "the tide of public sentiment [and] the tide of legal rulings has finally turned" against. (AP)


No wonder Lefty's been skipping the Texas Open all these years. (AP)

Paula Creamer and Mariajo Uribe share the first-round lead in the Kia Classic. (AP)

Bill Murray goes all Bill Murray at his charity tournament. (golfchannel.com)


The Blues have fallen in love with Ryan Miller, but the affection may not be mutual: According to sources, he wants to go to the West Coast when he becomes a free agent because his wife, actress Noureen DeWulf, spends a lot of her time in Hollywood. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

And they got another reminder last night of just how much they're going to miss him. (AP)

The Kings are hot and the Penguins are cold, so last night's result was predictable. (AP)

A 13-round shootout! (AP)

If you're not worried about the Canadiens in the playoffs, maybe you should be. (AP)

With the Senators all but eliminated from the postseason race, Bobby Ryan's getting that sports hernia taken care of. (AP)

Charles Wang may be looking to sell his majority stake in the Islanders. (Pro Hockey Talk)


Cheer up, Sixers. If you're going to tank, you might as well do it in record-setting fashion. (CSN Philly)

There are four games remaining on the schedule that Philadelphia can actually win. Unfortunately, two of them are against the Celtics. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

What's truly amazing is that Philly doesn't have the worst record in the NBA; that (dis)honor belongs to the Bucks. So how must the Lakers feel, losing to Milwaukee last night for a Bucks sweep of their season series against L.A.? (AP)

The Clippers continue torturing the Mavs. (AP)

LaMarcus Aldridge is back, and all's right in Blazers Nation. (AP)

Who would have figured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to be a "Why, in my day . . . " kind of guy? (Pro Basketball Talk)

Now that Phil Jackson's running the Knicks, Metta World Artest is hoping to be invited back to the Big Apple. (Pro Basketball Talk)


John Harbaugh is "very disappointed" in the offseason moves of the Patriots and Broncos, because he admits Denver and New England have widened the gap between themselves and the Ravens in the AFC. (CSN Baltimore)

Sorry, Ron Rivera; Harbaugh begs to differ with your assessment of Steve Smith. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Ray Rice is charged with aggravated assault in that incident with his fiancee in Atlantic City last month, and, if convicted, could face three to five years in prison. (CSN Baltimore)

Johnny Football wows 'em at his pro day. (Yahoo! Sports)

How impressive? Well, Ron Jaworski says he'd now draft Manziel in the third round instead of the fourth. (Pro Football Talk)  

So, uh, where were the Browns? I mean, don't they need a quarterback? (Yahoo! Sports)

Whatever questions you may have about Manziel off the field, Raiders coach Dennis Allen says you can't question what Manziel does on it. (Pro Football Talk)

From the outhouse to the outhouse: Maurice Jones-Drew is leaving the Jaguars for the Raiders. (CSN Bay Area)

Knowshon Moreno goes from one of Patriots' conference rivals to one of their divisional ones. (AP)

Chip Kelly turns downright Belichickian when asked -- repeatedly -- about DeSean Jackson. (Yahoo! Sports)

It's the free-agency version of a trade: Michael Vick for Mark Sanchez. (CSN Philly)

"Evaluating his options" . . . so that's what Kenny Britt is doing. (Pro Football Talk)

Forget about Shaun Phillips, Patriots fans; he's headed to Tennessee. (AP)

If you're upset that you can no longer dunk the ball over the goalpost in your touchdown celebration, Jeff Fisher doesn't want to hear it. (Pro Football Talk)

Harry Reid says Daniel Snyder "has to realize" that he's "on the losing side of history," and predicts the Redskins will change their name within three years. (Pro Football Talk)


The certainties of life: Death, taxes and Serena Williams beating Maria Sharapova. (AP)