Waiting on Green


Waiting on Green

When free agency started, we all had ideas about which players would make it back to Boston. Most of us thought Kevin Garnett would be back. Most of us thought Ray Allen would be gone. Brandon Bass? It could go either way. But the one guy we truly never worried about was Jeff Green.

After all, the Celtics paid for his surgery, and left the door open to him all season. Green was in and out of the locker room. He sat on the bench during games. He even listened in on huddles. All along, the C's said they wanted him back, and Green's side was always there to let you know the feelings were mutual.

"We intend to have Jeff back," Danny Ainge said on Monday. "Nothing is done, but we intend to have him back. I think we're going to enter a contract with him, hopefully by the end of the moratorium."

"Of course he wants to come back here," Green's agent David Falk recently said. "It's not done. I am optimistic it will get done, because this is where Jeff wants to be."

Since free agency kicked off last weekend, we've heard a lot of talk like that, but still . . . no deal. And now, the guy who most of us believed would be the quickest to settle on his future with the Celtics is one of the few remaining questions marks.

I guess.

I mean, the assumption is still that Green and the C's will make it happen given the last six months it would be crazy to think any differently. But that being said, there's no doubt this whole process has been a little trickier than anyone imagined. Maybe even Green himself.
Love what I have went thru within the past 6 months...everything has made me a lot smarter, stronger and patient jeff (@unclejeffgreen) July 3, 2012Honestly, I don't know what this is supposed to mean. Sure, maybe he was talking about his contract. But he just as easily could have been in line at the DMV, or stuck in traffic or struggling with a bottle of ketchup. He could have been talking about anything. But either way it's pretty fitting, and I assume that new found patience is coming into use as he and the Celtics continue to iron out the details of a contract that most of us figured was already done.

Rondo. Bradley. Terry. Pierce. Green. Bass. Garnett.

That's a solid front seven. Throw in Wilcox andor The Stiemer, plus Jared Sullinger and JaJuan Johnson version 2.0, and that's a damn solid team. But for now, we wait.

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Isaiah Thomas' recent shooting woes mirror those of Celtics

Isaiah Thomas' recent shooting woes mirror those of Celtics

BOSTON – As Isaiah Thomas walked off the TD Garden floor Monday night in the fourth quarter of the Celtics' 114-98 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the All-Star guard’s franchise streak of 43 games with 20 or more points scored was about to end.
Credit the Hawks, whose defense made life miserable for Thomas most of the game, limiting him to 4-for-21 shooting (19 percent) which stands as the worst shooting night for Thomas as Celtic when he has taken at least 10 shots from the field.
Thomas chalks up his struggles Monday as just one of those bad nights that comes from time to time in an 82-game season, but it’s part of what has been a stretch of inefficient shooting games for him.
And it’s not a coincidence that the Celtics (38-22) have lost three of their past four at the same time Thomas finds himself in one of his worst four-game stretches for shooting the ball this season.
In fact, Thomas has shot just 35.4 percent from the field in Boston’s past four games. In that span, he has made less than 45 percent of his shots in each game, which is only the second time this season he has had a four-game stretch like that.
And while defenses certainly give him more attention than any other Celtic, he’s still getting to the spots he wants to get to while taking the shots that are best for him.
The only difference of late, is that more shots are off the mark than previously.
“I missed a lot of shots in the paint. I got where I wanted to,” Thomas said. “That wasn’t just me; that was our team. We missed a lot of shots we normally make.”
Which is why there’s no sense of panic or heightened concern on the part of the Celtics heading into their game Wednesday night against the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers.
Boston rookie Jaylen Brown was quick to credit Atlanta for doing a good job defensively against the Celtics.
But he too recognized that at times they were their own worst enemy with all of the blown opportunities.
“We missed a bunch of easy shots and I think that is just focus,” Brown said. “We’re not going to hit every shot every game, but I do expect us to play a little bit better than what we did and I think we’re more capable of being a bit more locked in. It happens; you just got to forget about it and bounce back Wednesday against Cleveland.”