Update: Cleveland recrowns its King

Update: Cleveland recrowns its King
July 7, 2014, 5:30 pm
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FRIDAY UPDATE, 12:50 P.M.: Gary Tanguay called it . . . on Monday!

A friend said to me, “This is what grown men should know: Elvis is dead and LeBron is not going back to Cleveland.”

Yes, one King may be dead. But the one that lives could move his throne back to Cleveland. And I am a grown man. Sometimes.

While Ohio hates LeBron, LeBron doesn’t hate Ohio. He spends part of the offseason there, and Tweeted up a storm before the Fourth about how great it is to be back with family and friends. He left because he wanted a championship (he has now has two), not because he hated the climate.

But, you're no doubt saying now, he hates Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Right? Sure, but his agent has already met with Gilbert to begin the healing process.

The Heat, Mavs, Houston, Lakers, Suns and Cleveland are possible destinations for LeBron James. Of those teams, I think the Rockets have the most talent. But the Cavaliers have the second-most. 

And with Houston reportedly offering Chris Bosh $96 million, that would eliminate the Rockets from offering James the type of contract he's seeking.

And that makes Cleveland the frontrunner. I can totally see LeBron choosing to play with Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins, even though James Harden and Dwight Howard have longer resumes.  

So, LeBron can certainly go home again. Bosh can go to Houston. And Dwayne Wade can only ask himself, “Why the hell did I opt out of that $42 million dollar contract?!” Of course, I told Wade not to opt out, but, kids, they never listen.

Yes, Elvis no longer walks in Memphis. But LeBron may be walking back into Cleveland.