Undrafted Babb's big night fuels C's comeback

Undrafted Babb's big night fuels C's comeback
October 10, 2013, 12:00 am
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PROVIDENCE, R.I. — As Chris Babb continued to pour in one big shot after another as part of a furious fourth quarter rally by the Celtics, his jersey number was nowhere to be found on the scoreboard.

As an undrafted rookie trying to catch on as a shooting guard on a team that's loaded at that position, it's easy for a player such as Babb to get overlooked.

Still, it is performances like the one he put on Wednesday night that show what can happen when preparation and opportunity collide.

The C's were getting blown out by the Knicks by the time Babb entered the preseason game.

In the end, there was Babb with the ball in his hands, and a chance to steal the win.

His shot was blocked and the C's wound up losing, 103-102.

However, that doesn't take away from Babb's big night in which he scored 12 points - all 3-pointers - in just under eight minutes.

While Babb's performance certainly came as a shock to many, C's coach Brad Stevens has seen this kind of potential in Babb's throughout training camp.

“Chris Babb has been one of the best workers, had one of the best attitudes, and been one of the best teammates in there from Day One," Stevens said. "So, not a shock at all when he went in and did what he did.  We have been huge fans of his since he walked in the building.”

At Iowa State, Babb was known for his marksmanship from three-point range.

Considering he entered the C's down by 23 points, Babb simply played to what has been a strength of his throughout his college years at Iowa State.

His 129 threes for the Cyclones ranked seventh all-time in school history. While appearing in 67 games for Iowa State, Babb hit at least one 3-pointer in 57 of those contests.

As senior he was named to the Big 12's All-Defensive team in addition to connecting on 40.8 percent of his threes in conference play.

Still, that wasn't enough for him to be drafted.

Knowing full well the odds are stacked heavily against him making the team, to Babb's credit he made the best of his opportunity on Wednesday while connecting on four of his five 3-point attempts.

However, one great night does not land one a guaranteed contract which is something Babb knows all too well.

Because of that, he's keeping his big game in perspective.

“I’m not really looking that far ahead," Babb said. "I’m just ready for practice tomorrow, and I still got a lot to prove. One game I don’t think is gonna do it, but I’m just gonna continue to bring that hard work and positive energy and just a winning attitude to practice tomorrow.”
Babb added, “I’ve just always been humble, always kept a good attitude. I’ve had games where I went 0-for-10. I just have games like that where the basket looks bigger than the ocean. I just stay positive and just come ready to work tomorrow.”