UCLA's LaVine shines at NBA Combine drills

UCLA's LaVine shines at NBA Combine drills
May 17, 2014, 4:00 pm
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CHICAGO -- When it comes to the NBA Draft Combine, there is no MVP or Most Outstanding Performer Award.

But if there was, UCLA's Zach LaVine would have been a prime candidate.

The fact that he shined at the combine did not come as a surprise to scouts who were already impressed with his athleticism during his lone season with the Bruins.

"The combine is set up perfectly for guys like Zach," one Eastern Conference scout told CSNNE.com. "The best athletes tend to shine here and we all knew before this started that he's one of the best athletes in the draft."

LaVine, who was among the players to interview with the Celtics this week, didn't disappoint anyone other than himself.

"I'm never really satisfied. I try to get the top spot in everything," LaVine said.

LaVine had the best time among the camp participants in the lane agility drill (10.42 seconds), which measures a player's lateral quickness and agility. And he was second in the shuttle run (a test of a player's agility and ability to change direction) to Arizona's Aaron Gordon, who interviewed with the Celtics as well.

But the one drill that seemed to bother him most was the vertical jump.

He registered a maximum vertical jump of 41.5 inches, which was the third-best. Oklahoma State's Markel Brown, who also interviewed with the Celtics this week, had a camp-best max vertical leap of 43.5 inches.  

"I feel I messed up a little bit on the vertical and three-quarter sprint," said LaVine, who said his personal best on the vertical jump was 43 or 44 inches. "But I thought I had a solid day."

He wasn't alone.

There were several players who performed well during the strength and agility drills, while others struggled.

Here's a look at how those at the top and bottom of the various drills finished among their respective peers at the NBA pre-draft combine:

* * * * *

LANE AGILITY TIME  (tests lateral quickness and agility)

The First Five

1. Zach LaVine, 10.42 seconds

2. Dante Exum, 10.75 seconds

3. Jordan Clarkson, 10.76 seconds

4. Aaron Craft, 10.78 seconds

5. Nik Stauskas, 10.79 seconds

The Final Five

1. K.J. McDaniels,12.71 seconds

2. Cory Jefferson, 12.63 seconds

3. Markel Brown, 12.62 seconds

4. Jordan Bachynski, 12.15 seconds

5. Jordan Adams, 12.13 seconds

* * * * *

SHUTTLE RUN (Measures agility and ability to change directions)

The First Five

1. Aaron Gordon2.76 seconds

2. Zach LaVine2.80 seconds

3. Tyler Ennis2.84 seconds

t-4. Kendall Williams2.85 seconds

t-4. DeAndre Kane2.85 seconds

The Final Five

1. LaQuinton Ross, 3.52 seconds

2. Cory Jefferson, 3.39 seconds

3. Johnny O'Bryant III, 3.32 seconds

4. Noah Vonleh, 3.29 seconds

5. Jabari Brown, 3.26 seconds

* * * * *

THREE QUARTER SPRINT (Players timed from baseline to 3/4th length of court)

The First Five

1. K.J. McDaniels, 3.10 seconds

2. Melvin Ejim, 3.14 seconds

3. Glenn Robinson III, 3.15 seconds

4. DeAndre Kane, 3.16 seconds

t-5. Markel Brown, 3.18 seconds

t-5. Cleanthony Early, 3.18 seconds

t-5. Thanasis Antetokounmpo, 3.18 seconds

The Final Five

1. Isaiah Austin, 3.55 seconds

2. Jabari Brown, 3.50 seconds

3. Jordan Adams, 3.50 seconds

t-4. Alec Brown, 3.48 seconds

t-4. Xavier Thames, 3.48 seconds

t-4. Alex Kirk, 3.48 seconds

* * * * *

STANDING VERTICAL LEAP (Vertical leap with no running start)

The First Five

1. Glenn Robinson III, 36.5 inches

2. Markel Brown, 36.5 inches

3. Cleanthony Early, 34.0 inches

t-4. Zach LaVine, 33.5 inches

t-4. Jahii Carson, 33.5 inches

t-4. Nick Johnson, 33.5 inches

The Final Five

1. Jordan Adams, 24.5 inches

2. LaQuinton Ross, 25.0 inches

t-3. DeAndre Daniels, 26.5 inches

t-3. Isaiah Austin, 26.5 inches

t-5. T.J. Warren, 27.0 inches

t-5. C.J. Fair, 27.0 inches

t-5. Alec Brown, 27.0 inches

t-5. Kendall Williams, 27.0 inches

* * * * *

MAXIMUM VERTICAL LEAP (Vertical leap with a running start)

The First Five

t-1. Jahii Carson, 43.5 inches

t-1. Markel Brown, 43.5 inches

t-3. Nick Johnson, 41.5 inches

t-3. Zach LaVine, 41.5 inches

t-3. Glenn Robinson III, 41.5 inches

The Final Five

t-1. Isaiah Austin, 29.5 inches

t-1. Jordan Adams, 29.5 inches

3. Alec Brown, 30.0 inches

4. LaQuinton Ross, 31.0 inches

5. Alex Kirk, 31.5 inches