Thomsen: "Shocked" if C's don't make a deal or two

Thomsen: "Shocked" if C's don't make a deal or two
February 8, 2014, 6:45 am
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Don't look now but the Celtics have won three in a row. 

Suddenly the lovable losers aren't such losers, and that may not be a good thing if you subscribe to the notion that the C's should be positioning themselves for a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. 

"They’re too good," says Lou Merloni. "It’s almost like Danny [Ainge]’s going to have to do something." 

The Celtics seem to be stuck between two modes at the moment - the first being a desire to win and be as competitive as possible; the second being the desire to gain a lottery pick and re-stock the team for a long-term run of competitive basketball. At 18-33 they're ahead of four other teams in their conference. 

"[The Celtics] do have good players," says Ian Thomsen. "They’re not a good team, but they have good players."

With the trade deadline approaching (February 20th), it's only a matter of time before Ainge packages a player or two and tries to acquire another re-building piece, or even better, another draft pick. 

"We all know [Ainge] is drooling for the trade deadline," says Thomsen. "He just can’t wait to get involved there and there’s going to be a lot of rumors [around the Celtics].

"I’ll be really really shocked if they don’t make one or two deals at the deadline."

The question is, will the Celtics pursue a deal to improve for this year or the long-run?