Third time's a charm for these Celts


Third time's a charm for these Celts

Here's some good news heading into tomorrow night's Game 3:

The Celtics new Big 3 has NEVER lost a Game 3 at home after going down 2-0 in a playoff series.

Of course, they've only been in that situation one other time last year against (of all teams) the Heat and went on to lose that series in five games anyway. But hey, stop being so pessimistic!

Things obviously don't look great for the C's right now, but if they can just protect their home court, they'll head back to Miami at 2-2, and at that point as Leon Powe once said: "Anythiiiing's possible!"

But before we can get there, they have to get tomorrow. If nothing else, history's on their side.

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