Tanguay: Showcasing Rondo in return?

Tanguay: Showcasing Rondo in return?
January 16, 2014, 11:45 pm
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Tanguay explains why, although he's happy Rondo is back, he thinks the Celtics should still take the tanking approach.

Rajon Rondo returns to the Celtics on Friday night against the Lakers after nearly a year away following his ACL injury and subsequent surgery.

Rondo's minutes will be limited. A fact Gary Tanguay is happy about.

"This is awesome," Tanguay said on Arbella Early Edition. "Limit his minutes, continue to lose, maybe they get a pick [in the lottery."

Tanguay is all about tanking for the C's.

"It makes him tradeable," he says of Rondo. "Showcase him. Maybe he's healthy. Maybe they can make a deal."