Tanguay: I approve the Rondo-to-Lakers rumor

Tanguay: I approve the Rondo-to-Lakers rumor
June 26, 2014, 4:00 pm
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For a fan, the silly season of NBA rumors on Draft Day is like a giant ice cream sundae with a huge cherry on top. For a journalist, it's can of bad tuna fish.

But right now? I’ll take the sundae. It’s awesome! I love the rumors because they generate discussion.

The first hot Celtic rumor today was Rajon Rondo to Sacramento for the No. 8 pick . . . and that was shot down when Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports -- he's one of the best -- reported the Kings aren’t selling number 8.

And then NBA Central, which I am told does not have nearly the reputation of a Marc Spears, claims that the Celtics are talking with the Lakers about trading Rondo for the No. 7 overall pick.

I have no idea if this is true or not true. But, it makes sense.

The Lakers are run by that clown Jimmy Buss. Right now he has Kobe Bryant’s big contract on his hands for two more years and Kobe has no help. Who better to help an aging scorer than a pass-first point guard?

And let’s not forget, Rondo loves L.A. so much he celebrated his birthday there!

If I'm the Celtics I do this deal right now and, with the 6 and 7 picks, take Marcus Smart and either Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle. This gives Brad Stevens two top 10 picks to build with. It’s not Kevin Love and it’s not Carmelo Anthony, but it a start.

You might be making this up, NBA Central. But I like the way you think.