Tanguay: Celtics still don't have chips for a major deal

Tanguay: Celtics still don't have chips for a major deal
July 9, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Boy, are the Celtics trying. I mean, they are really trying to make a deal.

But they still don't have the chips they need to improve their roster. (Excuse me if I don’t get all warm and gooey over the arrival of Tyler Zeller and Marcus Thornton.)

There is nobody, and I mean nobody, wearing green that other teams want. Well, there is Rajon Rondo, but teams are waiting to see how well he plays on that surgically repaired knee on a more consistent basis.

You may think this is a rip job on the Celtics.  Actually, it's just the opposite. It's a rip job on you and me. It's grossly unfair for us to expect the Celtics to have the attractive pieces needed to pull off a major trade.

Boston is only one year into a rebuild after shipping out Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. When the Celtics traded for Ray Allen and KG in the summer of 2007, they did so by moving players who had been drafted over a THREE-YEAR PERIOD. One year is just not enough time.

In the Ray Allen deal, the Celtics sent Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West to Seattle. Green was drafted in 2007, West in 2004.

In the KG deal, Boston sent Al Jefferson, Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes and Gerald Green to the Minnesota T-Wolves. Jefferson was drafted in 2004, Gomes and Green in 2005. 

Five players drafted over a three-year period brought in the stars who delivered a 17th NBA championship.

The current Celtics don't have those chips, not yet. Green -- back with the team after the 2011 Kendrick Perkins deal -- has seen his stock drop substantially. Avery Bradley has a bad contract. Plus, Celtic fans overrate his abilities and his value on the trade market. 

In other words, these players are not chips.

Maybe in two years James Young will have developed into player desired by other teams. The same might happen to Marcus Smart. In 2016 Joakim Noah of the Bulls, Al Horford of the Hawks, Dwight Howard of the Rockets and Kevin Durant of the Thunder will all be free agents. You may say, “Come on, those guys won’t come to Boston.” Did you ever think Kevin Garnett would come here? I didn’t.

Danny has proven, with ample time, he can rebuild a team into a champion. But the point is, what we want to happen with the Celtics now is at least two years away. So we all need to be patient.