Tanguay: Avery Bradley gets HOW much??

Tanguay: Avery Bradley gets HOW much??
July 2, 2014, 4:45 pm
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I don’t get it. I just do not get it. Four years and $32 million for Avery Bradley? This is crazy money, because the player simply isn't worth it.

I like and admire Danny Ainge -- after all, he brought us a 17th title -- but he's made some moves over the years that I completely disagree with.

When Kendrick Perkins was traded to Oklahoma City for Jeff Green, I told Felger on The Sports Hub that if I was the GM, I wouldn’t have done it. Then I scratched my head when Jeff Green got four years at $36 million. There's no evidence Green is, or ever will be, a $9 million-dollar-a-year player. Demar DeRozen averages 22 points per game is a $9 million-dollar-a-year player. Green averages 16.9 points per game by scoring 25 one night and 8 the next.

Avery Bradley is a nice guy who tries hard, but that doesn't warrant this deal.

All the Bradley supporters tell me that Jodie Meeks getting $6.3 million per year from Detroit means Avery's worth $8 million a year. No, no, no! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

The Meeks deal is for three years and $19 million total. $19 million is NOT $32 million.

Arron Afflalo will make $7.5 million this year with Denver in a deal he can opt out of at the end of the season. I would take Afflalo over Bradley any day of the week. Should Avery make a half-a-million more than Afflalo? Hell no!

My point in all of this is I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHER PLAYERS MAKE! Because my neighbor spends $60,000 on a truck, does that set the truck market in my neighborhood?

The only way a team is forced to overpay a player is if it's in a bidding war. In the Avery Bradley case, seems to me that -- as with the Jeff Green situation -- the Celtics were bidding against themselves. Look at this way: This season, the Celtics will pay Avery Bradley and Jeff Green a combined $17 million. Will they get $17 million worth of production? Of course not.

Plus, Bradley can't stay healthy. Over his last three seasons he's missed 54 games. He averaged double digits for the first time last season, in a year when his defense declined. 

At his healthiest, Avery Bradley is a role player on a contending team. If the cost of such a player is $32 million, then were I was an owner I would sell my team and get the hell out the pro basketball business.