Stevens: 'We've done a lot of good things'

Stevens: 'We've done a lot of good things'
April 13, 2014, 2:30 pm
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As Brad Stevens' first season as Celtics coach winds down, he can see the glass as half full.

"We've done a lot of good things," he told Abby Chin in a sitdown interview for "Celtics Insider".

And he can see the glass as half empty.

"There's just not enough good results to go with it."

He believes there's both a short-term, and a long-term, solution:

"So hopefully that's something that we can address with better play, better execution (in the season's final games), and then offseason improvement. And I think that's that a really crucial thing."

One area in which he sees the glass as completely full: The support of Celtics Nation.

"It's been an amazing year from the standpoint of our record, where we are in a development phase, and our fan support, which is off the charts," he said. "I mean, we go to places that are in the playoffs and they're not even close to full. And most of the people there seem to be wearing green, to me. And then we come here and we're sold out our last two games of the season and we're 23-55 (at the time of the interview).

"And I think that says it all."